Sasural Simar Ka 3rd February 2015 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 3rd February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Simar says i am giving this all in your hands God. whatever will happen i will accept it as your decision. She says i have to find some other way of going in the house. Shurti sees mata ji praying. Fake roli says you are wasting your life by knowing me. Vash says you will know who will use. coming to my home is your biggest mistake. God wont let your evil forces sustain. She throws a powder on her face. fake roli screams.

A flower drops in mata ji’s lap. Mata ji says God will listen to us now. Vash throw more powder on her face. Sid collides with shurti, she slips her holds her. He recalls his times with roli. he leave her and she falls down. shurti says why you threw me? He says i only got my hand off you. sid says we dont want to keep you here. speak truth and leave. she

says i am shurti varma and my dad is a teacher. Sid says we dont wanna hear this fake. We will keep you here until you don;t tell us. she says your money can’t make false truth. He says lower down your voice. Fake roli says i wont leave you. Vash hits her with a vase but simar stops her hand. fake roli says i will give you a painful death. I wont leave you alive. simar takes vash’s hand and takes her out.

Sid says mata ji you kept them here it was good. they deserve it. they are playing with our lives for money. shurti recalls something. Jatin says look at her it looks like she is recalling something. He says didn’t you give her dose? She says not of evening. Sid says she is planning something else. Roli touches his face and recalls something. mata ji says i think she is remembering something. Help her God. She faints, mata ji says take her to her room sid. Her parents come out and say what happened to my daughter? She takes him. jatin says she faints due to weakness. She eats an iodic powder that makes her feel better. sid picks her up and takes her to her room. Her mom says shurti open your eyes and talk to us. why dont you leave us alone. stop ruining my daughter’s life. sid says get her checked up. shurti holds his finger. sid stops with a shock, everyone else is dazed as well.

Vash says i was about to talk to her simar. simar says we cant win from here. please go from here. Vash says i could take her to cops, simar says please we cant do that. SHe takes vash out and says amar we have to take her out of here. winds start blowing. simar says she is coming, amar says sit in the car. Simar says amar where are you going? sit in the car. amar says i will handle her. Simar says just think of her power from this wind lets go from here. simar says amar lets go from here. he says okay but i will find secret of her power. they sit in the car. amar says my eyes burn. simar looks for water. simar says amar come and sit here i will drive the car. simar is about to get in the car. fake roli says didi. simar is scared.

Sid is standing in shock mata ji says you are out guest. we should consult her with out family doctor we will know what has happened. The woman says she faints like this usually. we give her this medicine. she didnt take other does that is why she fainted. jatin says if we feel like we will take her to doctor, mata ji says whats the name of this medicine? The woman says the doctor who helped me in deliver gave me this. we dont know the name. mata ji says it sounds good, can i check it.
fake roli says didi stop.

Precap-fake roli is in front of the car, simar doesn’t stop the car. amar says she willl die simar stop the car,

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. y dont they end dis fake roli thing

  2. Yoohooo …….alas sid n roli’s cute arguments are paving way to their reunion. Mataji pls pls….find out the truth of that medicine and dont let them inject it on roli



  5. I feel today’s episode wasn’t dragged and made boaring as usual. Think they’re looking into our grievances… well n gud…. Roli pls come back to your memory and join simar in kicking out that monster whom your foolish sid couldn’t make out 😛

  6. oh ho sid again u started.wt the hell ur doing sid.just wait sid when our roli is back then c wt happen sid.i just sid and roli as couple a fact i watch this serial for sid roli only.plz make sid roli together and throw that fake one out.

  7. Are yaar finally vwhats the secret behind the lal darwaaza. Please simar come on speak up

  8. fake roli is ichadhari nagin………… thats the secret behind that darwaza

  9. fake roli is ICHADHARI NAAGIN……..

    may be it links with story of snake that had bitten roli in that Gujarat village but how leela knew about her real identity.. looking forward to know that.

  10. plz complete the dummy roli charactor plz send real roli in that charactor

  11. we r waiting for this ending……………………………… plzzzzzzzzz……………… make it fast……………………i’m already fully tense………………..

  12. Today’s episode ws awesome . . But plzzzzzz tel the truth behind that laal darwaza

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