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Sasural Simar Ka 3rd December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Everyone does the pooja. Anjali and Vikram do it together.
Mataji says is anjali happy now? They both touch her feet. Mataji says stay happy. Simar caresses anjali’s face and says stay happy. Anjali touches her feet, Simar stops her and says daughters don’t touch feet. Vikram says but sons can. He touches her feet. Simar says promise me you will take care of anjali? He says I always will. Anjali meets everyone.
Saroj says Vikram anjali lets go. Anjali says Vikram can we go in the other car? Vikram says why? We have.. She says everyone is going in this car. It will get uncomfortable. Simar syas its a big car. How can it be uncomfortable. Go sit. Anjali says but I wanna go with Vikram. Dad can we take your car? Prem says yeah of course why not. He gives her

the key. Saroj says but.. Tao ji stops her. He says sure you two can go in Prem’s car. Anjali says lets go Vikram. Simar says in heart anjali’s behavior is not right.

Simar goes in temple and says thank you God. I hope everything goes well. Vikram will love her always. Piyush says vadahi listen to me. Simar asks what happened? Vadahi has her luggage. Simar says where are you going? Piyush says I tried to stop her. Vadhai says everything is okay here so I thought I should leave. In Kanpur I have a friend. Prem comes and gives her a letter. He says read it maybe you will change your decision after that. Vadahi says this job appointment letter. Prem says yes I have vacancy in my company and I think you are perfect for that. Vadhai says thanks. He says don’t say thanks. What you have done for my daughter this is nothing in front of that. You have balanced her life. Your have favored me and my daughter’s mom. SImar says Prem is right. Because of you Anjali has a new start. We want you to have a new start as well. And nothing could be better than this. Vadhai says thank you uncle. KB overhears all this. She says wow. They have kept her here. Prem is under her impression as well.

KB calls anjali and tells her. He says Prem is very good with vadahi. but don’t worry I won’t let her live here. I won’t let her take your place. You try to make your place in that house. You saw sankalp never supported me that is why no one ever trusts me in this house. I don’t want that to happen to me. Try to understand. You have to make your place in that house. Anjali says everything is under my control. Vikram really loves me. He came with me in the car and left his family. Now see he will do as I ask him to. KB says I hope that happens. His world should revolve around you. For that you have to spend time with him. Anjali says of course. KB says where are you going on honeymoon? ANjali says I just came here. KB says that is what I am saying. Go plan for it and ask him where you people are going. when you come back from there he should be in your control Vikram comes in. Anjali says KB I will talk to you later.
Vikram says Anjali I want to say something. Please sit. She says yes? Vikram says I know what I did was wrong. Because of that your hopes are hurt but after today I will never give you a chance to complain. Whatever mistakes I did I want to forget them. Please you forget them too. I don’t want my past to come in way of our future. Please forgive me. I will do as you ask. I am really sorry. Anjali says no. He says don’t say this anjali. I will be a good husband. Anjali says I will forgive you but one a condition. It is that.. you will have to take me out on a dinner. She smiles. anjali says candle light dinner and you will eat what I order. Vikram says dinner. To be honest I was scared it sounds good though. I accept it. I will do as you ask. We will go where you ask me to. Get ready. Anjali hugs him. Vikram says in heart thank God I have no more burden. Now you and my family will be my world. Anjali says in heart you are mine and I won’t share you with anyone.

Scene 2
Anjali gets ready for dinner in a short dress. Saroj comes and says anjali you will go wearing this? Anajli says nice na? Saroj says yes but when you are with vikram you can wear whatever you want. But in the house taya ji and you father in law are here. It doesn’t look good in front of elders. Vikram says anjali lets go. Sarok says go he is waiting for you. I will get your room cleaned. Anjali says there is no difference between that simar and here she. Both have a habit of annoying all the time. She used to spoil my mood and now her. And anyway I never cared about her why will I care here.

Vikram and Anjali are on dinner. Anjali orders champagne. Vikrams says champagne? She says yes I am in mood to celebrated. He says okay bring it. Vikram says do you wanna go drunk home? I don’t have any problem but you are a daughter in law a little control Anjlali says you never said that before marriage. And I never get too drunk. He says drunk is a small word. Anjali says laughing I will kill you. VIkram holds her hand. He says I want to see you smiling all my life. Anjali says you love me that much? Vikeam says you can’t even imagine. Anjali says where are we going for honeymoon? He says there are so many places. I will take you where you wanna go. They both drink. VIkram doesn’t drink much. Anjali says so you said you can do anything for me. Like? He says like I can give my life. anjali says I don’t want to kill you I wanna live with you forever. Will you be with me forever? He holds her hand and kisses it. Vikram says always. Anajli says I need one more thing. A few promises. First is you will always trust me. Second if I am in trouble you would stand by with me. Third and most important is for any reason or anyone you won’t leave me be it any outsider or own. Vikram leaves her hand.

Precap-Simar sees pictures. She says in all these pictures Prem and Piyush have no single picture together. I hope their differences wither away.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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