Sasural Simar Ka 3rd August 2015 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 3rd August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar and Roli reach the temple and pray there. Roli picks the red cloth from there, she says God will take care of your wedding locket. Roli says we don’t need to be scared, the cat can’t enter the temple. Simar says yes we are safe here. We can’t stay here for long. I should call prem and ask him to come here.
Simar calls Prem, Mohinio picks prem’s call. Simar says prem ji please come here. I and roli are in temple, that black cat is here, it wants to attack us. Please come here, i saved roli in the station. Mohini says hello, simar. Simar says mohini? Roli says mohini with jeju? Mohini says we saw a car on the way, it had met an accident. We got to know that it was prem’s car. but don’t worry he is not that injured. Just unconscious. Simar

is dazed. Mohini says what temple are you in? I will come there with prem? simar tells her about the temple’s location. simar says that black cat is still here. Mohini says i am reaching here.
Mohini tells sunanda that roli has escaped. She says this is the last time i missed, they can’t beat me every time.

The black cat waits outside the temple and wants to attack roli and simar. Mohini and sunanda reach there. Simar says don’t come out of the car, this cat can attack you. Mohini sits in. Mohini says this roli cant be safe. We just have to hit nail twice more. Sunanda says call simar in after you do the magic. mohini directs the cat to leave. simar says how did this cat go? roli says is it fooling us? Mohini says simar and roli please come and sit in the car before the cat comes again. simar and roli step out of the temple.
Simar sees prem in the car. Roli says thank you mohini for saving jeju. mohini says no thank the fate that we were going from there at that very moment. Simar wonders why the car is not damaged? Mohini says lets go home.

Sujata says where are they all? I am really worried for them. Mata ji says trust God, they will come back home. Sid calls sankalp. Sankalp says sid is in police station. Everyone was faint there when they reached.
Simar, roli and mohini reach bharadwaj house.
Prem opens his eyes and says i fainted while driving i don’t know what happened. Mata ji says you are fine that is enough for us. She says mohini thank you for saving prem’s life. Mohini says don’t say that. sujata says let prem rest. They all go out.
Prem tries to sit down, he says my shoulder really hurts. simar says you need rest. She goes to bring him milk.

sid says roli is not safe there, the cat came there to kill her. Inspector says there was cctv footage that showed that someone mixed something in the food, the cat attacked you. Lawyer says roli’s life is in danger she has permit to stay home. Inspector says sid you can bring roli tomorrow to court. Sujata says thank God. Why you look worried roli? Roli says when thakurain is dead who mixed sedatives in cops’ food and that cat, on whose command does it works? Roli says when they were eating, no one came there except mohini. She came there to give me parsad. Simar says yes we are seeing just one face, this is a big plot against us. Only mohini can tell us who is doin this? Mohini says i? How can i? Simar says because you know thakurain well. Did you see some other woman with her? Sunanda says no we never did. Simar says swara said they were two women. One was thakurain. Who is the other? Maybe she attacked on roli. We need to find out this other woman. Simar gets a call from Kolkata. She picks up and says thank you. She says we will know by tomorrow who this second woman is.

Precap-Simar says kolkata police called, they have recovered the sketch. Its some young girl. They will send it to dehli police tomorrow.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. ssk week spoilers: :
    3rd august: the cat follows rosim to the temple. but is unable to step within its doors. simar learn from mohini that prem met with an accident but was safe.
    4th aug: simar informs the family that swara has identified and drawn sketch of the second culprit. and that should reach delhi the next morning. however, she tells roli that she lied.
    5th aug: mohini sunanda and amar decided to leave the bw house. prem tries to stop amar., but he is unable to change his mind. simar seeks matarani blessing and purifies the house with gangajal.
    6th aug: rosim and sid discuss mohini. prem informs the family that amar and mohini have decided to get married. simar informs the family that only prem and her will attend the wedding.
    7th aug: simar asks amar to trust her. sidddanth confronts a tense roli. while mohini is getting ready for the cermony, simar enters room and confronts her.
    8th aug: the cat attacks simar, but she manages to lock it in the bathroom. she later finds unconsious amar locked in a cupboard. sid and roli reach the house but didn’t find anyone..

  2. it means i think rosid knows about mohini truth…

  3. as per today aajtak news its telling that… bw house may marriage preparations start ho rahe hai…. all are happy… but rosid simar are in tension… roli tolds that in iterview that its marriage means kuch bada twist aane wala ha uska didi means simar ke saath.. but she didnot revealed that whats the twist.. we have to see.. but rosid simar are in tension…. we have to see what twist in the upcoming track which happening with simar….

  4. guys see in india forum video simar and mohini faceoff and when its about marriage scence.. after that be something will happens we dont know what its we have to see which the gosssip may comes true about simar die and amar and mohini marriage happens and simar back and kills mohini.. i think may its track possible but dont know what exact going to happen with simar.. but in this video simar confronts mohini and she tells she is dayan.. guys wait and see upcoming track is going to be good..

  5. I have not seen d episode today but the update shows it was interesting

  6. After a long time…. Good episode… Love you Simar, roli…..

  7. is simar knows about mohini truth?

  8. nyc episode…..Mohin ll definitely do something to her truth from Bhardwaj family.

  9. upcoming twist is mohini kidnaps prem and try to kill simar comes and stops mohini kills simar and usko khai me daldethi hai .. but with matarani ashirwad simar comes back and mohini truth comes infront of bw family.. roli tensed for simar something going to happen with her didi.. simar dies in upcoming and show may chota sa leap legayega…… see todays sbb segment….

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