Sasural Simar Ka 3rd April 2015 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 3rd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
The man cops arrested comes lavish to a house. A man comes downstairs. He reads a poem. The man says your face shows you have brought is a bad news. The spy says they found a wedding locket from the accident spot nothing else. The man laughs. He says i don’t like when people fly high and i like to cut their wings. They wont know anything about that ambulance neither would they get any clue about sid. He sits on his couch and says look at this palace its like a maze. Simar wont be able to break the maze i have created for her. The spy says do you believe her sister wont say anything to her?

Its dark in the bharadwaj house, everyone is asleep. roli comes downstairs. There is a car awaiting outside. Roli sits in the car. The spy is driving it, He asks roli to blindfold herself.

simar hears the car driving. She opens the window and sees the car passing by. simar says why that car came outside out house at this time? did someone from our house go somewhere?

The car reaches the lavish house. spy says roli take the blindfold off. Boss is waiting for you. roli comes to the house and sees that man.
Simar says there is a lot of tension in the house. Prem is bugged with me and so i roli. I couldn’t even talk to her but i am sure she couldn’t sleep. Let me check if she is up i will talk to her. simar goes to roli’s room and knocks the door. Simar opens the door and finds that roli is not in her room. simar says where can she go at this point of time? did roli go in that car?

After some time, roli comes in the house and sneaks towards her room. Someone stops her,it simar. roli is dazed. simar says where were you? Roli says i was sitting out. roli says a car came outside, i thought maybe you went somewhere. roli says no i just went out some minutes ago. Simar says swear with my name and say it all. roli says why are you asking me to? Simar says i will be satisfied. Simar says what are you thinking? Simar places her hand on her own head and says now promise me you didn’t go anywhere. roli says stop doing this to me. I am already in so much pain and you are doing this to me. she runs to her room. simar says this means roli sat in that car but with whom and where did she go? what is she concealing from all of us.

Scene 2
next morning, roli serves breakfast to everyone. sujata says roli you look worried? you don’t have to do all this work. you just have to study now. We will handle it all. amar says roli i want to to ask you something? roli says yes. Amar says you saw a car last night? i heard you went out to walk last night? simar says i saw the same car did you see it? roli says same questions? Why you want to investigate so much. i told you i will leave this house if you don’t halt it. Mata ji says don’t take any decision in anger. calm yourself. roli says how can i calm myself? simar says no matter what you say i wont stop investigations. Prem says you.. roli says please don’t scold at her. roli says how can you do this to me. simar says if you tell us truth we wont need to investigate. Mata ji says what are you saying. simar says roli is not letting us know the truth. roli says what truth are you talking about? Simar says the one you don’t want us to know, what you think you are so smart? you can conceal things from me? I saw a car midnight and saw you going out. roli says this is too much. you doubt me and i can’t tolerate that. I am leaving this , when you are done with investigations do let me know i will come back.

Precap-Mata ji says i wont let you go anywhere. roli says i will suffocate here please let me go. She is leaving the house.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Yeeee…I’m first

  2. No i am 1st

  3. Yrr koi yeh sadiyal roli change karwao bakwaas lagti hai boring si na hi badi lagti upper se apni age se 10 saal badi laagti hai how boring at all not interesting look at the simar how cute

  4. Roli is fatty.her cloths dont suit her

  5. iss stupid serial ke liye avika uska films choda tha.because her serial balika vadhu get clicked in telugu and also her first film uyyala jampala is also a block buster. then she got so many offers in telugu industry but she refuses it because of this ssk.

  6. Noooo way gopi…. I’m first dear

  7. heart healer karan

    hmm is this a school test result like ur fighting I am first and I am first

  8. So frnds. Hw was dis episode. Another crap one.. Rit ??? Then d villain entry.. Hahaaa..just wanna knw frm wer do he buy tht eye sticks. Water proof too I
    Then roli. Wht d hell is her pbm. Her stupid promises nd making her sisters life terrible. Spoiled her life nw trying to spoil premars too. Along wit Sid I think her beauty nd acting talent went off air.

    1. Ya too much …today i saw ssk to c new entry.. i didnt lik him…and im rosid fan i luv avika bt fr first tym itoday i got irritated vd her action…always emotionally black mailing that i vl leave house…

      1. too much crap… boring…

  9. in next episode premar will fight each other

    1. ha u right.. cvs ab premar ke peache pad gaye….. and they spoiled sister bonding also…. whats dis is roli wont come back again in bw house ah??? is she vl or not..

  10. Did u guys get any future informations????wat will happen????

  11. crap crap … boring…. what the man told to roli… and i thnk in dat lavish house only sid maya will be der i thnk.. simar will go to dat house tmrw or mndy episode..

  12. This serial is Sasural mystery ka not sasural simar ka… roli plz don’t act like dis.. it won’t suit u.. arrey ssk separates everyone in dis serial.. kadavuley mudiyale da sami..!!

  13. use dekthe tho mujhe lag raha hai he is da real snake.. to pretend family sid act as nag.. mujhe kuch isa lag raha hai.. dnt know i feel dat he is not man.. his eyes and mooche somthng differnt.. y roli came to meet him,…

  14. yeh kya roli leavng da house…. she wont come again ha

  15. If simar know tat roli is hiding something she can find it herself rite saab kae samnae puchnae ki kya sarurath hi?????crap……

    1. if simar come to know datwat roli hidng… is she tel family ? she wont te..l its always hapns dat only with rosim.. …is roli permnently leavs da house.. she vl return or not??

    2. She asked her in personal.. But she did not respond to her correctly.. So she must have thought atleast she will get scared and open her mouth for god sake

  16. stoppppppp this ssk it’s better

  17. new house me doors apne aap kulla hothe hai and bandh bhi… whats crap.. plz stop… end ssk yaar.. its boring.. stop

  18. roli looks fat…she should reduce some weight..

  19. director decided to kill not oly all lead chrctrs…also decided to kill all ssk viewers…sobaaaaa…..tamil serials eh parvala pola….

  20. oru snake vandhu indha atam podhudhu…..human cannot do anything against her….

  21. Yup.. Me too feeled the same.. Roli not looking good in new attire.. Need to reduce some weight.. Her costumes also not suiting her.. Really feeling awkward.. I think ssk cvs are trying to make a negative image on roli so they can make maya devil central character.. Or else why do they separate each and every character and destroying purity of relationships.. Please it’s better ssk go off air.. Don’t spoil ssk like this.. Premar and rosim also getting separated for ever??? Villain entry is another disaster.. Whose he?? Why do roli go to see unknown guys and make simar suffer like this…

    1. he knows abt sid body and ambulance.. he did smthng on dat night roli ko sab patha hai isliye she didnt telng anythng to simar.. roli plz u leave ssk… nw its totally brng…nw im waitng fr ssk go off air.. they ruined total relationships… is roli cmes back home or not??/

  22. simar and amar ko sabke samne bolne ka kya jaroorath hai….?? she can ask alone also na??/ simar is creatng prblms again more…

  23. I hate roli today…..simplyOverreacting…Till now Simar standby her side forveverything…now how comeshe bound by promise…feeling irritated….

  24. YesRoli definitely looks mature thN her age …andher new attire terribly wrong for her….

  25. If roli said not to reopen Sid case.. Simat found tat she is hiding something instead of asking her again and again she can secretly follow her na…….simply asking infront of all and creating problems for dragging tis show……sterday and today nothing much happned sterday fighting btween simar and prem today between roli and simar ……..they r simply dragging…..

  26. Seriously it’s getting boring now. Man where is the story going yaar. Ek problem pending chhodke now started a new suspense. Wht is this yaar. Enough this serial is going on impractical n a stupid track. Get Sid back plss

  27. The same sequence again during Sunaina track simar was bound by a promise and dint tell roli nw roli is bound by a promise and hiding frm simar

  28. Good morning.. I saw a new video in which it says Sid left roli for ever and started living wit maya as a snake.. They are asking whether he forgot roli and comment your suggestions.. Man other video in which amar ko mila saboot in which he’s in a marriage costumes and all.. What’s all this in ssk..?? So if they are sure Sid turned into nag then there’s no chance of rosid reunion?? Better stop reading updates too.. Ssk plsss go off air

    1. ha..this z too much…in this week nothing hapnd just roli saying her self i have to keep my promise di sry di n threatning to leave bw family if investigation starts….really so stupid…dragging like chewing…in some news they say sid turns negtive.and take revenge on roli..he z leading his life happily then y he want to take revenge on roli….ssk writers misusing rosid n premar popularity…its btr 4 of them leave show and persude their career with new shows n movies..then ssk can make sara as main lead and new entry as hero and change title as sasural nagin ka

  29. what the crap.

  30. In that day before yesterday epi a fight between premar and in yesrerdays episode fight between rosim.and ntng will happen in todays episode is a fight between premar.i think todays episode also a boring and irritating episode

  31. upcoming simar went to the lavish house she calls roli and roli wents der but she didnt tel anythng amar told dat premgave tym simar to till da evng dat if she didnt stop da investgation he ask simar’s mangalstutra on prem’s name.. and roli knows abt sid sab janti hai dats y she didnt tel to simar… but pata nahi simar ko sid ke baare pata chal gaya tho simar kya karegi…??? family ko batade nahi…. and i thnks dat its rosid plan only.. as sid gng with maya… and turns to snake…. have doubt as is sid naag or not… but maya and sid are vl be der in same house… dats y roli not let to go simar in one room….

  32. watch the video in youtube prem-simar divorce? roli to be held responsible…. in dat it said roli sid ke baare chupa rahi hai.. its very big thng dat roli is hiding frm simar

  33. in dis house unfortunately simar ek room me jane vali hai roli confrnts and stops her

    1. dere is dangerous in dat room…

  34. y new entry person tld dat simar ko kabhi ambulance and sid body ke baare may nahi pata chalega…… and he tld dat ye magic bulbulaya nahi hai ek chakravyuah racha hai hamne akeli simar kuch nahi karpayegi uske liye ye todna aasan nahi hai….. and roli is bound with promise…… what he dong?? and is sid nw naag or wat??/ and wats gng in ssk/? nw premar divorce…. is it correct prem simar divorce lethe hai kya ab?

  35. rajbeer singh truth revealed soon in ssk.. he came bw house to take revenge frm bw family.. he is da son of bw famly old enemy.. he knows da truth abt incident. which had happnd.. he has also told roli. about siddhanth being alive and safe… will roli be able to tell the truth to bw family?????.

  36. Confusions confusions nd only confusions

  37. Oh god save rosid n premar fans frm ssk writers

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