Sasural Simar Ka 31st October 2017 Written Episode Update: Anjali is back home

Sasural Simar Ka 31st October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mata ji asking Sameer and Sanjana to cut the cake. They cut the cake. Sameer makes Sanjana wear the ring. Mata ji prays for their Jodi and togetherness. Simar’s phone rings. Doctor tells her that Anjali has movement in her body and it means medicine is affecting on her. He asks her to take her from there. Simar gets happy, but thinks she is worried about Sameer and Sanjana’s alliance. Piyush shall take a selfie. He takes family selfie. Mata ji says we shall have food. Simar says I need to talk to you all and tells Anjali gained consciousness, she got call from hospital. Mata ji and Prem gets happy. Mata ji says today she will have double sweets. Simar gets the room ready for Anjali. Prem says we all are happy with her return, but you are worried. Simar says I am worried

about Sanjana and Sameer’s relation. Prem asks her to trust. Simar says don’t know what is in our daughters’ destiny.

Sameer comes to room. Sanjana hugs him. Sameer asks are you fine? Sanjana says she is worried about their relation. Sameer promises her that nobody can break their relation. Sanjana says her heart is feeling uneasy, but she will welcome Anjali. Sameer hugs her. Simar thinks Sanjana has become mature and understanding. Mata ji and others wait for Anjali to come. Prem says she will be coming soon. Pari says she has thought to give old room to Anjali which is occupied by Sanjana and Sameer’s now. Simar says Sanjana and Sameer don’t need to change the room, and says she made guest room ready. Pari thinks let Anjali come and send Simar to jail. Piyush and Roshni brings Anjali home.

Simar asks her to stop and does her aarti. She asks her to enter. Inspector comes there and says he came to take Anjali’s statement. He says he wants to know what is the real cause of Anjali’s condition. Simar recalls the incident. Mata ji thinks if she tells the truth. Anjali says she don’t remember anything and can’t give statement right now. Inspector says he will come again and goes. Piyush thanks Anjali for not taking Sameer and Simar’s name. Anjali asks him not to thank her and says I shall thank you all for bringing me here after whatever I have done with you all. Simar hugs Anjali. Anjali hugs her and says thanks. Mata ji also hugs Anjali.

Anjali hugs Sanjana and tells her that Sameer is just hers and she won’t let anyone come inbetween them. Sanjana and Sameer thanks her. Simar thanks Mata Rani for keeping her family happy. Simar ties mauli to Anjali’s hand.

Anjali is making coffee. Pari tells that even Sameer likes coffee made by his wife. Anjali says that’s why she is making. She then realizes and asks Sanjana to make coffee. Pari gets happy. Anjali asks about the coffee mug. Sanjana says Sameer brought it for her. Anjali sneezes and makes the coffee mug fall. She gets shocked.

Pari tells Prem that even Anjali can handle business and have same rights on the business as Piyush and Sameer. Anjali says yes, I do have the right.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Bins

    I think anjali did not change. She is doing acting

  2. Bins

    Anjali is doing acting

  3. Good lord i thot dis serial is gng to end on a hppy note.dis serial was bttr wen roli siddhanth was dere.feel a totl idiot to strt read dese updates.well bye bye SSK forevr and evr.

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