Sasural Simar Ka 31st October 2016 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 31st October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Vadai picks up Vikram’s picture from floor. She turns the picture.. KB takes the picture from her and says this is ours. She leaves. Vadai couldn’t see his face. Mataji says Jhanvi get ready for breakfast. Simar says to Mata ji I found this girl in temple like she wanted me to help her. Mataji says only God knows why she was sent to our house. Maybe because.. we should help her or she would. It would be for our better anyway. You should also accept Anjali’s marriage now. God will do what is best for her.
Piyush takes Vadai to the guest room. He says you should rest, I will bring you something to eat. Piyush says I wanted to say something.. when you were being kidnapped I saw it I ran after the car but couldn’t stop them. I informed police as well. I

was few seconds late otherwise I won’t have let this happen to you. She says maybe it was my fate. Piyush says my mom says we always blame fate but sometimes there is a sunshine hidden behind the darkest of the clouds. Fate is like a glass half full of water. You decide how you want to look at it. Be positive. The day fate works, heads and tails both are yours. Anyway, enough lecture for today. He leaves.

Scene 2
At night, police comes to investigate Vadai’s case. They ask their artist to sketch as she guides. Vadai guides. He makes the sketch. Vadai starts crying. Inspector says please guide him how will be complete the sketch. Vadai says I don’t remember anything else. She starts crying. Piyush says why I feel like I have seen these eyes. Simar says please try to recalls and coordinate with the police vadai. Simar says I think we should give her some time. She is too scared. Inspector says this sketch wont help because it is not completed. Call us if you recall anything.
Simar says to Vadai don’t worry. Go to your room and rest. KB says wow in the house where we should be preparing for wedding police is coming. This is why I had a problem with her. I knew she with bring curse for all of us. Mataji KB how are you talking. She is already so worried. She asks Piyush to take Vadai to her room. Simar says before talking why don’t you think once Khushi. I called police. Prem says but why? I told you I am keeping here just for the sake of humanity. I told you there shouldn’t be any trouble. Mataji says Prem.. He says my heart is not that big. Nothing is more important than my daughter. Anything like this shouldn’t happen. Simar says don’t worry. I have decided what do I have to do for Vadai.

Scene 3
Simar comes to a house with Vadai. A boy opens the door.
Simar says please listen once this is wrong. They lock the door. Vadai is crying outside. Simar says don’t cry. She says I told you coming here won’t do anything. They insulted you because of you. Its better that this wedding didn’t happen. Simar says why are you saying that? Were you forced into it? She says I did MBA, I wanted to study. My mama mami wanted to get rid of me by getting me married. now when this happened to me my whole life has ended. Simar says control yourself. All is well that ends well. and if its not well its not the ending. Whatever happened in your life wasn’t in your hands but what can happen next, you can decide that. Don’t give up. God gave you another life and chance to live your life the way you want. And you don’t worry about anything I am with you. Vadai says I can’t go to your house with you. Simar says why? Vadai says I don’t want any troubles in your daughter’s life because of me. Simar says till you are independent you can stay in my house and then you can go wherever you want. Lets go.

Roshni says I don’t think mama Piyush would come for Diwali party. Rita says you should invite him. Roshni says nothing is same. Rita says he came for you when her sister’s proposal was at his home. Tell him that Piyush is abroad as well. Call him. Rita says in heart I will do something that he will have to spend his whole life with you. Simar you took my kids from me I will take your son from you.

Scene 4
At bharadwaj house everyone is preparing for Anjali’s engagement and Diwali. Prem sees Simar coming with Vadai. He says you.. How dare you come back here. You made fun of us in society what are you here for? Simar says it was not her mistake. You were her husband to be. He says I am nothing to her. She has no relation with me. Simar says you had to marry her how can you accuse her of something like that? His dad insults simar and asks them to go from there.
Simar comes to balcony and says you are worried for anjali? He says yes I am unlike you. Simar says I know I told you I will take vadai from here. I took her to to her home but no one accepted her. Prem says I told you I have no problem with her but tomorrow is anjali’s engagement. I don’t want any problems in her life. Simar says don’t worry nothing would go wrong. Prem says I want us to do her wedding together. Simar says what can be better. Thank you for.. He leaves.
Everyone is preparing, Simar serves them all tea. Anjali comes downstairs and takes pictures. Prem says are you happy? Anjali hugs him and says I am very happy. Simar says in heart I wish I could be part of this moment too.

Next morning, everyone is tired and asleep on the sofas. Rajhinder says wakes up the guy’s family is here. They all wake up. Prem says the decoration is so good. get ready they are actually about to come.
Vikram arrives with his family. He says tai ji Tao ji go in I will come with the stuff. He asks the drive to part outside. Vadai listens his voice and gets scared.. She says voice. His voice. She looks out. Vikram turns his face other side. She sees his hand band and recognizes it.

Precap-Simar asks Vadai what is wrong? She says that kidnapper is here. when that family came here. I couldn’t see his face. He was wearing the bracelet it was a leather bracelet. Simar wonder who could that be. She sees that bracelet on the doorstep and picks it up.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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