Sasural Simar Ka 31st October 2015 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 31st October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Indravati gets scared seeing the lady and leaves Mataji. Mataji takes the holy water and sprinkles it on Prem and he leaves Simar and says sorry to her. Simar tells Prem not to blame himself for what he did with her. Indravati asks the lady how she came here. She vanishes from there after saying that she can’t come here. Mataji tells the lady that Indravati still can’t face her and tells her to save her family. Simar thanks the lady for coming to their house and they will have to be more careful now.

The lady tells that she feels that some sort of magic and spell is related to all this. She tells that she is with Simar and she is not afraid of Indravati. Suddenly the lights starts flickering and Indravati comes back. Indravati tells that evil also comes back like good deeds. Simar tells that evil can never win over good and the lady present here will bring her end. Everyone gets shocked seeing Indravati and the lady laugh together. Indravati tells that the lady helped her to become a witch 100 years back.

The lady comes to real form after chanting some mantra. Indravati tells Simar that its not possible for her to finish her. Indravati tells Simar that she knew she sent Amar after her. Simar asks what she did with Amar. Indravati tells that its not possible to play with her. She tells Simar that she casted magic spell on Amar and he did what she told him to do.

Indravati tells how she met her Guru when she told Amar to take her to the lady whom he wanted Simar to meet. She challenges everyone to prevent her from trapping Simar in the pot as she won’t be able to come out of it ever.

Precap-Indravati finds Simar and tells that her game will be over now. She starts chanting some mantra.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Oh! What will happen now

  2. y there is no comments today???

  3. stop this serial as earli as possible

  4. written update is wrong.

  5. What a rubbish? This written updates is yesterday episode (30.10.2015) where is (31.10.2015) episode atiba?

  6. Its a Friday episode they updated wrong…&am missing roli ya.. when she will come

  7. guys this is not wu of 31st october episode its 30th october episode in yesterday episode sid went lady house there he sees amar lying unconsious and after some time amar wakes up tels sid that the lady is not the lady whom indravati scraed she is her gurumaa… and tels simar life in danger sid tels him he will go to home and amar have to go doctor as he is not well but he refuses and both went bw house to save family where in bw house premar runs to save simar but indravati capture simar and she capture simar in pot at that time all family members in indravati spell so they didnt save simar.. sid tels amar to he will go inside in 5mins if there is no sign from amar he have to come later.. sid comes home when indravati chant mantras and he hides at pillar and sees when lights on simar is in pot he shocked and thinks why family is not responding …. sees indravati laughing…. precap is prem throttles indravati but she shoves him and takes simar pot and shoves that in air….. sid catches it….

  8. new montage of ssk is super but presid is not there.. rosim pic and mataji ,karuna chachi, sujatha,kushi, and janhavi are there with rosim pots in mataji hand and all place there hands.. but presid is not there in montage now mission rosim is on payback with mataji and bw parivar… all times they all in trouble rosim saves them now in this time rosim in clutches of dayan and they have to save rosim….

  9. I think Sid and Prem wont be in a condition to help their family may be i think indra will hypnotize them… all the ladies of the hse join together and save their family………

  10. Nw bogh rosim r in pot..very excited who vl bring them my wish is along with simar roli should come out
    Im feeling bad abt male leads of rs show
    She never give importance to them
    Along with rosim presid also have fans
    Every tym montage is filled with rosim r sim with nagin n dayans
    Nw rosim r nt there i thought presid vl b there in montage
    Bt no…
    Thank god ssk so called hero amar is nt there in montage
    If he is there i may bang my head to wall
    Bt one thing is sure
    Ekta us best
    She give eql imp to male leads nt like rs

  11. indravati captures simar, will this track be the end of the evil in ssk?
    with the twist and turns that color’s show ssk is churning out much too the entertainment of the viewers, the makers are now creating an intresting drama to put an end to evil!!
    we have seen indravati possesing individuals and coming in and out of the frame to harm simar’s family members earlier.
    but now the dayan will target the one who saves everyone from the evil.
    yes simar is going to be her next target!
    our source informs, “indravati will some how, capture simar in the mud pot and askprem to surrender to her. prem will feel guilty about not being able to save simar , refusing to surender , an angry prem will hold her by neck and soon this drama will cumilate when a holy man (amar) comes in and read the gayatri mantra to put an end to the indravati chapte”!!

  12. Missing roli new montage of ask is superrrrrr

  13. Himanshu Verma

    Missing roli and come back simar and roli

  14. Himanshu Verma

    plz finish the story of indravati

  15. missing rosid

  16. Missing simar deedi n roli ………also premar n rosid

  17. Oh my what is This Nonsense, I mean first it was the nagin situation. Then it was the witch mohini situation and now it’s indiravati situation. What next, oh let me guess it’s gonna be the alien Invasion. When will this witch indravati track will end, it’s getting on my nerves.

  18. When roli wil cm I tot roli will cm on this week but when seeing ssk roli willnot cm this week also plss roli cm back

  19. Hii ..guys..can anyone tell me wat happened roli…y is she not n d show

  20. Roli pls come back

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