Sasural Simar Ka 31st October 2013 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 31st October 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 31st October 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Roli is waiting for sid she is angry. Said comes and she says its 3 o’clock. Sid says sorry it was meeting i know i am late.

Sid says to soniya why didn’t you ask police to find him. She says that its hard to be safe from your own relatives and the reason for that is this property. They can’t bear that a girl is having a property like this. Soniya says that injustice is more than justice always. I want you to manage this company. I am giving you all the authority of my company. He says that it was first meeting the boss’s character is so suspicious. she is so strong. By looks she is just a girl next door. roli asks what her name ? He is about to tell when his phone rings. H receives the call and says yes soniya madam. he disconnects. Roli asks him again

but he has slept already. She smiles looking at him.She pats his head and turns the light off.

Next morning mata ji blesses sid that for his new job. Roli gives him lunch box and wishes him luck. Prem and rest of the men are leaving too. sujata asks simar to give them the lunch. Pari says no i will take the lunch. Achna says that i will go along you too. Mata ji and sujata says that there is nothing ready on the shop what will you do. She says okay. Shalu says pari not to come they will eat something. They leave.

Scene 2
Roli gets a call from attul on her phone. She goes to mausi ji’s room who is sleeping. she is not waking. She shows her attul’s phone mausi ji receives his call. attul is asking for soniya’s appointment. She says that madam is so busy call me tomorrow. Attul says no it will be so late. He says meghna ji has something important. Mausi ji syas to him that she is going to coffee shop to meet the family about her wedding.
Attul is forcing Mausi ji for the meeting. She says no its not possible and cuts the call. She says to roli the they have hit the nail on head.
Attul tells Meghna that he couldn’t get appointment. She is going to meet her proposal at coffee shop.

Scene 3
Prem and shalu are telling interior decorators how to decorate the shop. Shalu says that prem my brain isn’t working now.

Scene 4
Meghna goes to coffee shop. Roli and mausi ji pretends like they are startled to see her. Roli says we are so busy you know meghna ji. Have the coffee. Meghna says place and things are not important. The important thing is the value 0f those words.Meghna gives roli her proposal. Roli stands up and says you know what yop are saying? Meghna says that we have to get shaureya married this year.So whats wrong in this. Meghna says that this will be so beneficial for you and me. Attul says you can’t get a better family than singhaniys. Meghna says that this sis just a genuine request i assure you that you won’t regret. She says why are you guys so dazed have i said something wrong? Mausi ji says no don’t worry about soniya’s apponitment. roli says tine please handle this matter. Meghna says to her that it won’t be your loss. Roli asks what about shuareya ? Is he agreed? Meghna says that he is all happy in this. Roli syas meghna that i count the benefits and loses of all before taking any decision.
Meghna leaves and mausi ji is celebrating that.

Precap- Mausi ji asks where will we bring that family form? Simar says that we will get some way like before i am just waiting for the day when shaureya will be repanatant over what he did.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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