Sasural Simar Ka 31st May 2017 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 31st May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
The NGO woman says to Vikram that you have right to divorce Anjali and get free from her, Vikram says I was waiting for truth to win, NGO women leaves. Anjali breaks things and says you think you won? this Tanvi.. like they said I should get divorced and I will sign papers? I will remain daughter in law of this house, Tanvi stop your dreams, Vikram sis my husband, nobody can make you both one, I challenge you, she leaves. Vikram says I get scared that our relation is going to end but Anjali doesnt care at all. Tanvi says dont worry, Anjali is blinded by ego, you have to be patient. Vikram says I am waiting. Saroj thinks that till Anjali open her eyes, it will be late but if she doesnt divorce Vikram then how will Tanvi and Vikram get married?

Ananya comes to Pari and asks you

called me? Pari says I wanted to tell you tips about household, see anyone can pressure you but never bow down to them.She takes house keys from her and smirks, she says you have this, key of house safe, you know meaning of that? you are most powerful person of this house, did you understand? ananya nods. Pari smirks. Ananya says I have duties too along with this power, dont worry I will be good daughter in law, I have decided to make ration bill to make things easy, you took 50,000/- for Aarav, do you have bill for that? Pari says you will ask bill from me? I dont have any bill, Ananya says no problem, but be careful from next time so if anyone questions me then I should have answer for that, she turns to leave but comes to Pari and says give keys Maa., Pari reluctantly gives it to her, Ananya thanks her and leaves. Khushi says to Pari that your daughter in law is not your control, she is taking colors of Roshini, you have to do something soon otherwise your hands will remain empty. Pari angrily looks on.

Anjali comes to her room and says I cant let that servant win against me but what can I do? God help me, she reads newspaper and says I got the way.. she smirks.

Roshini calls Piyush and says I reached home, she ends call. Ananya asks how was work? Roshini says there was so much work, I didnt even eat anything, can you ask servant to make tea for me? Ananya says he is on leave, Roshini says I will make it, Ananya says I will bring something for you, do you think I cant make anything? drink this water and sit here, Roshini thanks her, Ananya leaves/ Pari looks on. Khushi says Ananya is acting like servant, its same like what happened to us after Simar came here.

Anjali calls lawyer and tells him some plan which is muted. Lawyer says I will create papers that Vikram will regret for lives. Anjali looks on.

Roshini calls Simar and says we all miss you. Simar says I will return soon, we have to get Radha admit in school, Roshini says in which school? Simar says same in which you all studied, its expansive but we cant compromise on studies. Roshini thinks its so expansive in this situation, she says I will talk to Piyush and get Radha admitted, she ends call.

Khushi and Umi comes in kitchen and sees Ananya having difficulty to make tea for Roshini. Khushi asks who are you serving? Ananya says Roshini, Umi says Roshini is having time of her life, Roshini is acting like queen in office and you are burning in kitchen? Ananya says Roshini is handling office so I have to take care of office, Khushi says you might become servant like this,I want your good, you dont understand but I feel like Roshini might take wrong advantage of your friendship. Ananya leaves from there. Pari sees all this and thinks these small things will lit fire in Ananya’s heart soon.
Ananya brings tea and sandwiches for Roshini, Roshini takes tea and thanks her. Roshini is tensed.

Piyush says to Roshini that it will be good school for Radha? Roshini says its expansive, Simar Maa doesnt want to compromise but she doesnt know situation of business, Piyush says dont worry, I am here, when I used to work in office, I saved some money,it will be enough to get her admitted, Roshini says thank you so much, I will get her admitted. Radha comes there, Roshini says you will go to big school, Radha thanks them and hugs Roshini.

Tanvi serves tea to everyone, she offers Vikram but he denies,Tanvi says everything will be fine. Anjali comes there and says yes everything will be fine, she offers sweets to everyone and says its good day, let me explain. Anjali says to Vikram that I have realized whats important and whats not, Vikram gets hopeful and says really? Anjali says yes, I have decided to divorce you, happy? you wanted that right? and now you cane have affair with this servant,nobody will stop you, see Saroj’s happiness, you wanted this right? you got it. Anjali says but there is always price for every happiness, Anjali calls lawyer there. Anjali gives papers to Vikram and asks him to read them. Vikram reads it and is pained, all asks Vikram whats written? Anjali says let me tell you all. Anjali says its written on papers that after divorce, Vikram will give me 5 lacs every month for pocket money, I will have half share in house and also half share in his business as his ex-wife, all are stunned. Lawyer leaves. Anjali says you can pay this to get free from me? Vikram says you stooped so low that you priced our relation? I am sure that money matters to you more than me, Anjali says before pointing fingers at me, this servant has become more important to you? you want to leave me for her? go ahead and marry her but you have to the price for freedom. Vikram says we both have paid price but now its impossible to make you understand, Vikram leaves. Anjali evilly grins.

PRECAP- Pari asks Ananya to bring 30,000/- from safe, I want to buy carpets,
Ananya says we already have carpets, more are not needed, Pari says I didnt call you to talk back to me, just bring money, Ananya says I am sorry, in this situation of house, I cant allow you to splurge money, Pari says how dare you deny me? I am your mother in law, Ananya says I am sorry.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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