Sasural Simar Ka 31st May 2016 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 31st May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Chanda says to fake Simar that its clear Prerna lied to us, she didnt take her medicines but we have to find out why she is lying, Fake simar what if she knows anything against us? Bee Siamr is outside their room and thinks that what if they have doubt on Prerna?
Chanda and fake Simar comes to Prerna. chanda says to Prerna that i have brought sacred flower for you, put it on your head, it will heal you, bee simar thinks that Prerna should not touch it on head, it must be their plan. Chanda thinks that as soon as she will touch flower at head, her whole truth will out, she will spill truth herself, Prerna thinks that i wont come in their trap now, she says to Chanda that i will use this flower after taking bath, Chanda says okay and leaves with Simar.
Fake Simar asks Chanda

what will happen when will touch flower on head? Chanda says when she will touch flower at forehead then she will start vomiting, if she doesnt vomit then it means she didnt use flower and is lying to us, lets if she used flower or not. They see in Prerna’s room, Prerna is sitting peacefully in her room. Fake Simar says to Chanda that Prerna is not vomiting, it means she is lying to us, Chanda says she cant come in my way, she needs to be thrown out of room and not me but you will throw her out of house in one go.
At night, someone comes to kids room and scare them by strangling their neck, she leaves, kids see her clothes. Kids start screaming. Family comes there and asks kids what happened? why they were screaming? Sanju tells that did tried to strangle us, Mataji asks who did it? Sanju points towards Prerna, all are shocked, Prerna is confused, Prerna says what Sanju, Anjali are saying? i was sleeping in my room, why would i hurt them? Fake Simar says why would Prerna do it? family member says that i know Simar is your friend but you should not take her side, we cant hide truth, Khushi says kids wont lie, why you are hiding Prerna’s mistakes? Jhanvi says we all know that Prerna not mentally stable and she can do anything, anytime so its not good to let stay with kids. Bee Simar sees all this and thinks that this must be done by fake Simar. Khushi says i think Prerna should not stay here, she can attack anyone, she is dangerous. Chanda says Simar knows Prerna well than anyone so her decision will be last decision so tell us what we should do? Fake Simar says Prerna is like sister to me but my family is in danger and its good if Prerna leaves from here, all are shocked. Mataji says where Prerna has to go? Fake simar says to mental hospital, Prerna is stunned. Mataji says what are you saying? Simar says even i am feeling bad but what we can do? look at kids, they are terrified, Prem says i think Simar is right, for kids’s safety, we have to take this step. Bee Simar asks Prerna to tell them this is all done by woman in veil. Prerna says this is done by woman in veil, she can take face of anyone, she must have taken my face and must have scared kids, she doesnt want me to stay here, she wants to throw me out, Mataji listen to me. Sid asks Prerna to calm down, we trust you, please calm down, you go and rest in your room, fake Simar says come with me, i will take you to your room, she holds Prerna’s hand, Prerna says to Mataji that trust me i havent done anything, she leaves with Simar. Chanda thinks that i wish i knew it was so easy to throw you out of this house, nobody can stop you from going to mental hospital and you will have to pay for what you said rightnow. Bee Simar thinks that i hope Sid will understand Prerna.
Fake Simar brings Prerna to her room and locks it. Fake Simar says you knew everything, i gave you chance to back to America but you were worrying about this family, you were not able to live without them or there is some other reason for coming back here? i knew that you tried to destroy mine and Chanda’s plan, i dont understand how you got to know about us, you are not clever to understand all this yourself, this means there is someone near us who is telling you everything about us. Prerna looks at bee Simar. Bee simar thinks that fake Simar is trying to provoke Prerna, dont answer her. Prerna says to fake simar that when i saw you without head in cupboard, i got to know that day that its all your and Chanda’s plan, Fake simar laughs and says what could you after that? you destroyed you infront of all in minutes, whole family is ready to send you to mental hospital, Prerna says that will not happen, Fake Simar says it will happen for sure because this is suggestion bu their favorite daughter in law Simar, its about kids so they will send you to hospital, Prerna says this is fight of truth and you can throw me out of way but wont be able to stop truth, truth find its way, you can try anything but cant stop truth, Fake simar says its good to listen, you sit here, till then i will done preparations to send you to hospital.

Prerna is taken away by nurses, Prerna shouts that i am not mental, trust me, i am fine, please listen to me, Prerna says this is done by woman in veil, she is taken away from there, Sid thinks.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. why sid thinks about perna..ab toh muje sid ko nehi roli ko dadh ne ka man karta hea usne series chora ur galat hume sid lagta hea ab roli ke lie o series toh nehi chor chakta..I hate roli…tumhare lie audience ka feeling doesn’t matter..u r selfish..

  2. Avi took right decision in leaving this crap show…I suprt her decision…she took wise decision..i don’t want her to fight with dayans nagins aliens..
    n manish…u can very well act in this crap…its ur wish…v have no right to force our feelings on u…bt plz fr heaven sake …don’t say again..ur rosidian…don’t hurt rosidians by saying that…

  3. Totally agree wid u honey… Sidz character z destroyed for sure.. Dey have already made the audience fool.. I really want to know according to cvz watz true love… Is it moving on wid some other gal wen ur love dies?? ssk cvz I seriously don’t get ur theory!!

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