Sasural Simar Ka 31st May 2013 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 31st May 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 31st May 2013 Written Update

It starts with Mausiji asking Roli what kind of prayer song was that! Sid’s father says, she shocked everyone just like this when they met first time and she refreshed those memories today. Veeru gets mad and tells Khushi, can’t they know it’s not Roli. Khushi calms him down and says, we will have to prove this, they won’t believe us. She asks him to go nursing home and she will keep an eye on Roli.

They start prayer. Jhumki is moving arti’s thal wrong way. Sid quickly corrects her. After prayer, arti’s thal drops from Jhumki’s hand. Sid touches her and asks if she is fine. Jhumki moves back. Family says, arti’s thal dropped… this is not a good sign. Khushi interrupts and says, this was bound to happen. She is not Roli and you are still making her do this pooja

as Sid’s wife. You all made her sit, but Matarani rejected it. Priest asks family if what Khushi is saying is true. Family says to priest not to pay attention to Khushi and asks Khushi to go away. Mausji blames Khushi for bad happening. Khushi leaves.

Mausji tells Roli there’s no need to be scared. You didn’t do anything purposely. Matarani will do everything fine. She asks Prem and Simar to take her to her room and asks Roli to rest.

In their room, Prem is shouting at Jhumki. Jhumki says, it’s not my fault.. I never did pooja before, so obviously I was going to do mistakes. I don’t trust in God, but still. Simar says, I also stopped having faith in God, but Matarani sent you to us and did this miracle. Jhumki asks her to stop with her lecture and says, it was not a miracle, it was just a coincidence. Jhumki now refuses to continue with her acting. Prem gets mad, but Simar calms her down. Prem says, we had a deal that you will do everything. Jhumki suddenly changes her tone as Sid comes there. Sid tells her to take care and is talking with her, but Jhumki cuts him off and tells Simar that she wants to rest. Sid is not happy and wonders when his Roli will return.

Family asks priest if they can do anything to correct mistake that they made in pooja today. Mausji tells him that Roli lost her memory and asks him for some suggestion. Priest gives a suggestion (which they don’t tell us yet).

Curious Khushi calls Veeru if he got any news. Veeru says, I just came to Kishangadh, let me breath properly. I also want that house and want to solve this as soon as possible. He tells her that he will call her if he finds anything.

Pari is not happy as she is pregnant and still has to do kitchen work. She complains to badi bhabhi that there is no entertainment in her life. Badi bhabhi promotes Jhalak Dikhla Jaa and says it will entertain them.

Pari is adding cashews in Kheer, but badi bhabhi stops her saying Roli has an allergy from it. Khushi is outside kitchen and listens their conversation. She smiles and says, this is the best to prove this girl is not Roli, but her duplicate.

When everyone goes outside, Khushi goes in the kitchen and adds cashews in Kheer. Badi bhabhi realizes that they forgot kheer. She asks Pari to go and get it. Pari makes excuses that she is tired. badi bhabhi says, it’s good to walk in pregnancy. Pari goes slowly slowly. She enters the kitchen and Khushi hides. Pari takes kheer and leaves. Khushi awaits for the result which, she believes, will be in her favor.

Precap: Mausiji serves kheer to Roli. After she eats, badi bhabhi sees that there’s cashews in it. Khushi tells everyone, there’s no need to worry. Nothing happened to her. And it’s because she is not Roli, but her duplicate. You can lost your memory in an incident, but can’t get rid off your allergy.

Update Credit to: Aadi

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