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Sasural Simar Ka 31st March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mata ji says I hope simar returns fine. Baba says only one hour is left. I can’t do anything without that flower and shaitan is surely keeping an eye on us.
Shaitna watches them in a bowl. He says Simar? Where is she? They are all waiting for someone. Anyway, they can’t stop me.

Simar runs back, she hears roli’s scream. Simar turns back roli is there in tears. Roli says wont you save me didi? She disappears and comes on other side. Simar then sees shaitan dragging her. She screams for help.
Simar runs after her, she is about to get hit by a car, a woman saves her. She says simar.. Simar says prerna you? She says yes I was coming to your place. I called on anjali’s birthday and told you I will come. Simar says I forgot. she says are you okay?

Whom were you running after? Simar says in heart I saw roli here. simar says nothing. Prerna says you are lost somewhere. you said you will come pick me up. I was calling you. And this driver.. Simar hears roli’s voice again. Simar says did you hear that? She says no. Simar recalls what baba said. Simar says I have to reach home asap. They sit in car.

Sid comes to store. He looks for patali’s idol. Shaitan says find it, it will take me to my destination.
Simar tells prerna a few things. she says what are you saying? Simar says I will tell you evreything but right now I wanna go home and save roli. Prerna says don’t worry we will. Baba says only 30 minutes are left. Prem says where is sid? Mata ji says he is in his room. Let him be alone.
Prem says let me check. Amar and prem check that sid is not in his room. Amar says lets check in terace.

Sids finds the idol. Prem says where can he go. Prem says lets check store room first. Prem calls sid, he says sid is not picking. Sid says I kenw they would call. He receives. Prem says where are you? sid says I am out. Leave me alone for sometime. prem says we will face it together we are here for you. Sid says okay I am coming. He hangs up. Shaitan laughs.

Simar says time is slipping out.
Simar sees roli on the way. Driver is confused. She says stop the car. Prerna says simar calm down. The car hits a tree. Simar goes out roli is nowhere. prerna says what happened? Roli is nowhere. Simar says I am so sorry. Prerna gives money to driver. Simar says we have to rush. Prerna says your foot is bleeding. Simar says I don’t have time. Prerna tries a cloth on it. Simar keeps walking.

Sid takes the idol out. Simar is coming back with prerna. She sees sid with idol. Simar says stop what are you doing? He says what a husband should to save his wife. Simar says but.. He says I dealt with shaitan. I will give him this and he will return roli. simar says i brought this flower. sid says i don’t trust you or that baba. Because of you roli is not with me. I don’t want any arguement. I have to save roli. He shoves simar the flower falls on ground.

Precap-Shaitan says well done simar. You stopped sid from coming here with idol. SImar says but I am with idol here myself. Shaitan brings back patali. She laughs.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Any ssk fan here?i hav a question in my mind,why do u watch this serial?i dnt understand hw this serial gets gud trp.i really want to knw why people watch this kind of unending &unrealistic superstious stuff,tht too without any convincing plot (atleast nagin serial has some story).anyways its every1’s personal choice, but still i get surprised seeing this serial’s trps. while INDIA is moving forward in terms of science & technology…does indian television industry is going more & more backward?

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