Sasural Simar Ka 31st March 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 31st March 2014 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 31st March 2014 Written Update

scene 1
Everyone is dazed. Verma aunty says whats wrong with my eyesight. Roli says look we weren’t wrong. Khushi says this must be simar. SHe says its a game she is someone else. She isn’t sonia. Roli says I talked to her and she is real sonia. She syas they can do anything to get me lost. The one with sankalp says if you are real sonia then please prove. Roli says we told you already. Mausi ji says what is this ? This is mind blasting. We should go with Roli. Sujata syas yeah I trust roli fully she can’t be wrong. Karuna says I get this all that roli was right. Suddenly khushi starts shouting and says she is wearing sonia’s mask. She takes the mask off her face and its simar. Mata ji says what is this simar ? Simar syas let me tells everything. She goes near khushi

and takes her mask off. She is trying to stop Simar. Its khushi inside that mask. Sankalp says you ? In face of sonia ? Simar syas yeah khushi was between us in the mask of sonia. Simar says was a good trick but you failed. I got it from the other mask that it was you. I wanted to show everyone. Roli says tell us khushi how was our answer. Sankalp asks where is the real sonia ? Suddenly police come up with sonia. sid and Prem are with her. Sankalp goes to her. He says are you okay ? She tells the entire story that she got kidnapped before reaching the wedding hall. Everyone is dazed that khushi got married to sankalp instead of sonia. Sankalp is about to attack khushi. Sid and Prem stop her. Khushi syas mata ji I accept it all and I ask your pardon. Mata ji slaps her so hard and says don’t even merge yourself with our kids. She says she is a curse to my family. Mata ji says arrest her please. Khushi is begging. She begs to Snakalp and Roli and Simar but no one listens to her. She asks Karuna that I am your daughter in law. Karuna gets her up and shoves her away. Police arrests her. Mata ji apologizes the entire crowd. Everyone leaves. Sujata consoles Karuna. She says Simar and Rli saved us all. Karuna says to Simar I got you both worng. Forgive me if you can. Roli says you are our elder. Mata ji says sonia I don’t know what to say to you. We couldn’t protect you. Rajhinder says lets go in.

Scene 2
Anurag says thanks to shanti for accepting jhanvi. SHe says there is nothing more than your smile. Jhanvi is such a nice girl. I am now just waiting for her. Suddenly an old lady comes in and says you didn’t bother to inform. She says you didn’t tell anurag’s only buaa and arranged the wedding of anurag. Shanti says we have selected a girl whom you would like. It all happened so early. You are the only one who stood by with us. She hugs anurag. He says you will like her a lot.

scene 3
Simar gives sonia water, Karuna asks are you okay ? SHe says yeah. mausi ji says we couldn’t doubt her. We are all flop. Sankalp says the biggest idiot is me. I couldn’t get her. I blamed my own. Simar says we have no issue sankalp. mausi ji says look what she has done to sonia. Sonia says my dream has been borken. I wanted to be daughter in law of this house. Simar says everything will be all right. Mata ji asks Simar to take sonia to guest room. She says pardon me but i wanna live alone in my house. Mata ji says I don’t wanna send you alone but thats better for you. simar says you can come here anytime you want. Sankalp says let me drop her home. They both leave.

Precap- A lady cop is really angry at Khushi. Khushi suddenly faints and falls on the ground.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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