Sasural Simar Ka 31st July 2017 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 31st July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Anjali says I have arranged a grand party. Prepare everyone. I am gonna sell this house tomorrow. Cheers. SAmir takes her glass and throws it. He says you can’t do this. Who are you to decide? She says you are not my boss. I am anjali. I do what I want. I am half owner of this house and I can sell it. Samir says that is a mistake. SHe says mind your tone.I can teach you a lesson like them. DOn’t mess with me. She leaves.
Simar says samir finally your wife will show you what you deserve. He leaves in anger.

SAmir says to that person i will handle that anajali. She can never get this property.
Bharadwajs vow that they will get their house back from anjali.
They all do the pooja. Simar says help us win this battle God.

Scene 3

and sanju come to a shed and look for someone. Sanju says I think samir is careful about our plan. We should go back. They see a shadow. They see a man hidden with hoodie. They take his hoodie off. roshni says who are you? He says I am a begger. They beaten me and sent me here in this hoodie.

Anjali says arav you are so dumb you took this house form your family. She says mama give me that. SImar says madam I will do anything you ask me but don’t dare calling me mom.
A man comes to house as sikh. Its Arman. He says I am an estate agent. I have an offer for this house. Anjali says welcome in. Its piyush. He says first offer is of a mall company. The offer is five times more than the market. This is an ideal place for us.
Anjali says I will sell this house. You all will be out of here. Samor comes in and says no we are not gonna sell this house.

Anjali comes to temple and says do pooja. Because only 15 days are left. After that this house won’t be here anymore. I will get a mall made here. Piyush says good luck. Anjali says don’t show me this attitude? I will be a billionaire.
Samir and anjali leave the house. Piyush gets ready as a sikh to impersonate in the party. Roshni helps in in dressing up.
Ananiya says everything will like be old days. Uma says anjali is very clever. She won’t let this happen.

Roshni gets piyush ready. He holds her. She says someone will come. He says you don’t spend time with me. Roshsni shoves him. His beard falls in stove. Mataji says oh it got burnt. Piyush says I will arrange another one.

Precap-Roshni and Ananiya are in party. Piyush and arav go to beat a man. The man tells them that he is going to kill someone in your family today.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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