Sasural Simar Ka 31st July 2015 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 31st July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mohini mixes something in the food of all the cops.
Mohini says dont worry i am coming from jail and gave roli food, She is hopeful that you will get her bailed out by tomorrow. I and maa are going to temple and we will pray there for roli. Mata ji says sunanda is not well, we shouldn’t trouble her. Sunanda says this is my family as well and roli saved mohini’s life lets uis go and pray for her. Mata ji says thank you and as you wish. Sunanda sees prem coming. He asks where are you going? mohini says we were going to our temple. Prem says i have some work after that i will drop you to bus stand. mohini says we can take the taxi dont worry. Rajhinder asks where is sid? prem says they stayed with lawyer. Prem asks simar for thakurain’s letter. Simar checks in her room but letter isn’t there.

Mohini and sunanda start their black magic. Mohini recalls that she came to roli’s room and took her saari. She said no one save you from me roli. mohini says tonigfht at 12 roli will inhale her last breath. Whoever came in between our mission i will kill them all. Like thakurain, its roli’s turn now. Roli has annoyed me and my cat She has to die. Whole family will be busy with simar and sid after her death, then i will play my next trick. I will sacrifice prem. Sunanda says we will be done with our revenge then. Mohini says no i will take everything, all relations from here. she will have no one. Their cat comes, mohini says go and kill her.

Roli is in lockup, she says to the warden there is no water in the pot, she doesn’t respond roli. Roli says inspector, they are all unconscious. Roli says what is wrong with all of them. The cat comes there.

Simar says the sister i couldn’t see in small troubles is in jail. Please help her God. Simar goes to temple and sees all the flowers on floor. roli hears the cat and is scared. Roli says what is happening. Simar says is there a signal. Prem takes the letter from simar and says i am leaving right now. Mata ji comes and asks simar simar whats wrong? simar says i feel like God wanna tell something but i can’t get it./
Roli is scared. She sees the cat.

Precap-Mohini is doing her magic on prem. prem says rajhinder dont worry,prem faints while driving.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Super fast update

  2. I think simar will save roli……
    but prem???

  3. Tis amar is actually docter rite??? But wen takurayan fall and prem ka wheel chair condition and many like tis he was jst standing…..i think they forget tat he is doctor…..

  4. Pls yaar this dhyan track is sooooo boring and irritating
    Writers plz come up with nice story line
    Everyday watching it a hope tgat yes today dhyans true colour will be out…but no again d same story

  5. Where is the nagin?? Does her role ends in ssk? What all nonsense is going on in ssk? Dont simar and roli have a relief from troubles?

  6. Simar pls saves roli soon..

  7. In Ssk…always somebody will die or goes to jail…and doing sacrifices.,…..took much…can’t…..stop this stupidity….dnt make audience fools….

  8. Wat all is happening men? There r only twists n turns n no conclusions……. But still m lyking it……….!
    But please show d answer to all d twists soon…………plz reveal mohini’s truth……..feel sorry for that thakurain…………..n my roli!!! Don’t let anything happen to her……pleaseeeee


    I’m tired of this story digressing all the time!and wen wil their travails end?the story line is becoming increasingly boring!I dnt watch like I used to any more!I watch Thapki,Shastri sisters n Swaragini now!

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