Sasural Simar Ka 31st July 2013 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 31st July 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 31st July 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with janvi wishing mataji happy birthday. Then she says that she had to get a surprise for her and that’s why she went home without informing her. Everyone are waiting for janvi’s surprise and ask her. Karuna asks janvi that where is her surprise. Then janvi tells that same women to come infront of mataji to whom janvi was talking on the phone. Janvi has covered mataji’s eyes and tells her to see her surprise. Mataji gets shocked. Janvi introduces that women saying that she is mataji’s best friend and her (janvi) grandmother. Mataji gets shocked seeing her as that women is her 20yrs past. Sujata as well as rajendra get shocked seeing her. That friend of hers asks her how is she. Mataji goes back in her past where her friend has closed her eyes from behind and

asks her to close her eyes again as she wants to give her a surprise and she then gives her a expensive necklace. They hug each other and mataji goes to make tea for her. Now, present mataji is shocked andher friend says that wont she hug her. She then says we were not friends but were sisters. Then karuna asks mausiji that who is she. Mausiji says that maybe she was her childhood friend that’s why even she doesn’t know or how is it possible that she doesn’t know anything. Her friend asks her that isn’t she happy to see her. Sujata says that its nothing like that it’s just that she has got emotional to see her. Rajendra says that where was she so many years they searched her a lot but they didn’t find her. Then prem and sid say that they should cut the cake.

Prem and sid keep the cake on the table. Mataji is saying that till now she has hid the bitter truth about her past and she knows that now when she will tell them they all will get shattered. She prays matarani that her kids should be strong after they come to know about the truth. Sujata consoles her. Mataji’s friend comes and tells her to come and cut the cake as everyone is waiting for her. She then says that 20yrs ago she was not present on her birthday that’s why she regrets it a lot but now she is there.she tells her to come as the will remember som old memories also. Then uma asks mausiji why mataji’s friend talking so weird things. Mausiji says that may be she grew up reading suspense books. Mataji goes to cut the cake and everyone tells her to make a wish. She prays to matarani to keep her kids safe and don’t let their relationships break. She bends down to cut the cake but her friend comes infront of her. And says in her mind that prayers are only fulfilled when time is with her but time is not with mataji it is with her.

Mataji again gets scared and stops to cut the cake and then sid says that maybe she didn’t like her surprise to tease her. Mataji’s friend says that cut the cake now. She then says that she was eager to meet her from 20yrs and when she has met her now its again her birthday. Then uma says that mataji has not celebrated her birthday from 20yrs and now for the 1st time she is celebrating her birthday only on their insistence.mausiji says that plzz cut the cake quickly. Sid says that mataji should understand that mausiji wants to eat the cake. Mataji cuts the cake and everyone sings for her. She is about to feed the cake to mausiji but janvi tells her dadi to feed mataji the cake. Her friend goes to feed the cake to her and she hold mataji’s hand and tells her to eat the cake. Everyone is confused where as janvi says this is just a small surprise for mataji now they all have to wait for a bitter truth. The episode ends on janvi’s face.

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Update Credit to: Vishwal

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