Sasural Simar Ka 31st January 2013 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 31st January 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 31st January 2013 Written Update

khushi roli face off continues and roli asking khuhsi if u forgot to dance then u have to beg…and khushi about to slap Roli but veeru comes in the middle and says BILLO!!!!! and holds her hand…he says how dare u that u want to slap MY roli and khushi is shocked.!! and she looks at roli!! and then veeru and says MY ROLI!!! khushi has flashbacks of veeru behaving madly with her and she understands that cause of roli he threw her out. Khuhsi says u know roli is seducing u. and veeru says BAS!! i wont hear anything bad about roli. and roli says leave her…come lets go!! and they both leave!! khuhsi left standing alone and thinks about how she signed the papers and falls on the ground. has flashback of veeru picking her up and throwing her out of the house.

SImar is feeding her kid with family watching her. mataji says it is a good day that khushi is gone. and masi agrees. karuna says why would veeru do this for us and all wondering …simar and masi looking at each other. and masi is thinking why is karuna being a 007. and masi kinda misleads karuna and the family. mataji syas we will celebrate makarsankarti festival our style. sid mom’s go to call and inform him about the happening at home.

Sid in conference and his mom calls and tells him what happened in the house. sid is happy. and he thinking of roli and becomes sad again. he hungs up. his mom prays to god to bring happiness back in sid’s life. prem is playing with anjali and the eintire family. roli also wants to hold anjali but stops herself. mataji on seeing roli says simar anjali will not go into any strangers hand from now on.

roli is sad. and all go to the terrace to celebrate that anjali is back and roli crys and leaves and simar and masi feel sad. simar says if u agree can i make anjali waer the frock. and simar takes anjali to a crying roli and roli sees her and is happy. Roli takes anjali in her hands and kisses her. simar says i dont know how to thank you roli. i got everything cause of u today. pls forgive me. i said so many bad things to u. and roli says u r my big sisiter like my mother. u have a right to get mad at me. simar says i cant stand that all these ppl hate u. now i am waiting for u to get rid of veeru and be a part of family again. and roli says it will happen.

mataji recollecting past. she cant believe khushi is gone. simar is back. simar says mataji no more tears. and veeru comes downstairs. and simar says today is the day of happiness..and veeru says then lets all celebrate together. roli is listening to this. family members stand up..and veeru says did i say something worng. this is anjali’s first sankart. family members look at each other. and masi agrees. and veeru says lets all go to the terrace…and all go. and they take the kites and fly…and khushi downstairs listening to ppl’s taunts. Roli is watching everyone form far and smiling. khuhsi sees them enjoying and is crying. veeru also signals her to look how they are enjoying. veeru is looking at roli and she is crying so he thinks i did all this for her and she is standing alone. and roli is thinking why is veeru coming towards me…i hope he doesnt say anything in front of the family…and then veeru turns and shouts…BAS!!!! and family turns to him..and veeru says this celebration is ending here. and family is shocked. and veeru says now u all pack ur bags and leave this house…and that too forever.. all are shocked.

Pre-cap — veru says u think after taking all this away from billo i would give all this away in charity. if it was in my hands i would have thrown all of u out along with billo but if i did that then that individual would get upset. and roli thinks if veeru took my name in front of everyone i would be in big trouble.

Update Credit to: kasrana

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