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Sasural Simar Ka 31st December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Vikram says you have to live here in this house. Vikram says I know my decision is heavy on you people but at this we have to stay away from Anjali. We have to rethink and take some decision. Anjali says please VIkram. Vikram says are you sure you are Simar aunty’s daughter? Look at her. A girl who can’t respect her own mom how can she respect mine. Mataji says Saroj ji I am very sorry for everything that happened. Saroj says no mataji. Anjali made mistake but I am not only hurt because of Anjali I am hurt because of my own son. Vikram leaves. Anjali says please don’t go. Please. He leaves. Simar and Piyush pick Anjali up. Anjali says to simar this is what you wanted. You ruined my house. You have done all this. Prem says leave simar’s hand. Anjali shoves

her and says go to hell. Prem stops her and says wait a minute. Whatever happened only you are responsible for it and you will rectify it. Kb says prem.. Prem says shut up. Don’t interfere. Stop using Anjali. Anjali goes to her room.

Vikram is crying. He says I made a mistake tai ji. I am lowered in my own eyes. I can’t even talk to you. Saroj is overhearing all this. Vikram says I ashamed to even apologize. Saroj comes in and says don’t say that. You don’t have to be ashamed. Vikram says I am really ashamed. saroj says what has she done to my son. Forget everything. I have made your soup. You will feel good. Vikram says tai ji I made such a big mistake. please scold me. Hit me. I am sorry. Saroj says no. Don’t say that. I really love you. Promise me you wont ever say that I am not your mom. Vikram says I won’t. Please pardon me he is crying. Tao ji says I knew saroj can’t be mad at her son for long. Sanjev says will Vikram ever trust anjali?

Anjali is calling vikram but he isn’t picking up. KB comes in. Anjali says Vikram blocked my number. I am his wife. Kb says don’t worry. He will come back to you. Anjali sits there crying. Anjali says I thought i would live independently with Vikram. I am left alone. Kb says it’s your mistake. I gave you so many ideas, the oil one, hair one, stealing the necklace it all worked why you had to call these women? You should have called me. Anjali says I had to kick her out. Kb says I could tell you how to do it. Now you will do as I say. Then see how this old woman will be kicked out. Simar throws magazines on her. Everyone heard what she said. Simar throws anjali’s pictures on KB’s face. Mataji says Khushi you can never change. You have been provoking anjali. How can someone be so disgusting. Kb says but.. Simar says shut up. She drags Kb downstairs. Simar shoves her in the hall. Kb says are you out of your mind? Simar says shut up. Simar says tell everyone what your real face is. Kb says what have I done? SImar says don’t try to lie. We all heard what you said. Tell everyone truth. KB says okay I agree I did all this so what’s wrong? They were not giving anjali the respect she deserves then I told her how to get it. is anjali the first girl who wants to become model? She wants to become something in life so I am just supporting her. I should say you are responsible for this. Simar slaps Kb. Simar says we knew you never had manners but you made my daughters like yourself. Simar says a mother sacrifices everything for her kids. This is your mistake. but enough. Your sins are over the board now. SImar says now I will show you what can I do to keep my kids away from you. You sins started the day I left this house. simar slaps her again and says this is for not giving my daughters from right manners. Simar slaps her again and says this for misleading her innocence or childhood. You made her disrespect everyone simar slaps her again. Simar slaps again and says this for provoking her against her mother in law. You ruined that house. Because of you her life is ruined. Her marriage is on verge of breaking. She slaps her again. Khushi says sankalp you saw this is what happens to me in this house. Sankalp says I should be doing the same. If I try to punish you for your sins I would be even more cruel. Khushi says go ahead. i want to see what you can do. What have I done? He says you have betrayed my family. You tried to break us. He shoves her.

Precap-Simar shoves Kb out of the house. Simar closes the door on her. Kb says soon I will be back in this house and you will have to pay back for these slaps.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. P.N. Bhargava

    Billo will never change. She should get more slaps.

  2. today episode simar nailed it. she slapped khushi 7 times. i wish simar would have slap khushi more. because, khushi deserve it.hats off too simar.

  3. I am worried more on Anjali as in she still not realising that she has done a grave mistake.

    1. Dalchini

      I agree with you

  4. sajana kahahai yaar!. or is KB ke asli rupe Anjali ko kab pata chalegi. ub is soap me Pari or Uma ka kiya rol hai.

  5. Wow Simar was very adorable in her performance yesterday.Hope Anjali soon turns into a good girl acknowledging simars goodness.

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