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Scene 1
simar says how can you give my place to someone else. Sumit comes in and says Simar ji.. The relations that left life, keeping them alive in memories do not do any better. Simar says some relations are only broken when you leave the world. Even if Prem has moved on I can never do this. Sumit says does he know? Unless you tell him, he won’t know anything. Simar says there are misunderstandings when there is no trust. And you can’t make someone trust you. Sumit says the one you love so much how could you stay away from him all these years? Simar says with the hope that i am in his heart. Close to his heart. What we can’t bear is the hatred of your own people. Bell rings, Simar says I will see. you should go to your room.
Simar opens the door. Someone gives her

a file. Rita comes and says thank you very much. Rita says this is a full furnished house. I have given advance. You can just go and live there. Simar says we were planning to go from here. Why you had to do this. Rita says I realized that when you don’t have a home life is difficult. So this is just a gift for you new beginning. Sumit and kids should feel like you are leaving with you will. You know how would they react otherwise. I hope you understand. Rita goes to her room.

Piyush says to Roshni thanks a lot maa would have know otherwise. I won’t have to play this game anymore. soon we will know whats in Prem’s heart. Roshni says when will I know whats in your heart? Piyush says what you said? Roshni says i was asking what gift I am getting for helping you. He says what you want? Roshni says i want your time. He says you want my watch? she says I want time that you spend with me. I get bored home. He says that is why I ask you to make a boyfriend. She hits him with cushion.
Rosy calls piyush and says I am scared after what happened at coffee shop. Piyush says tomorrow is the final day. He will confess himself if there is any love for maa in his heart.

Scene 2
Piyush is leaving for office. Simar says I wanted to talk to you. I have seen another house for us. come home early then we will go to see the house. Piyush says I am getting very late. he leaves. Roshni comes and takes the file from simar. She says you want to leave us? Simar takes the file back. Roshni says you are leaving us? you didn’t even tell. Mom did all this right? She is forcing you. Simar says this is my decision. She didn’t say anything. Roshni says i won’t let you go from here.

At Bharadwaj house, prem is leaving for office. Anjali collides with him and the water spills on his suit. Anjali says sorry dad. Prem says its okay I will change. Prem takes out other coat and goes to washroom. Anjali takes the print of locker’s key from Prem’s pocket. Prem comes out. Khushi brings him breakfast.
Prem says have you talked to Anjali? Khushi says I have talked to her. prem says tell her I have my eyes on her and I won’t forgive her if she gets in trouble. Khushi says dont’ worry I will handle. Anjali overhears this and says I will steal money from dad’s drawer and run away to fulfill my dreams.

Rosy says love letter to boss? I should rather write my resignation letter. Piyush says this is the last time. Please. Rosy says okay. Piyush says I have written the letter you just have to give it to prem somehow. Rosy reads it, dear sir I wanted to say something I don’t know how and when this all happened. I like you. Sorry if you mind. I can’t see your loneliness. I want you to share it with me. Rosy says this is too much. I am too scared. Piysuh says this is how love letters are.
Puyush puts it in a file and says to peon give it to Prem and say that Rosy sent it.
Piyush says I am leaving I have a meeting. Rosy says what if he sees the letter when you are not here. Give me a call if something happens.

Simar says Roshi Rohan come food is ready. Sumit says are you two going somewhere? Rohan says soon we would need to. simar says where? roshni says yes if you don’t live here we won’t live here either. Sumit says what are you saying? rohan says this won’t a home if she leaves. Simar says don’t say that. I am not going far away. You can meet me. Roshni says please we have made our decision. Sumit says simar why have you decided this? Simar says Piyush is old enough earning. Better we shift somwhere else. how long will we live here? rohan says this house is yours as well. simar says I have given advance. Rita says everyone is right. Where would you go simar? Stay here if the kids want you to. Rohan says please choti ma. Roshni says please. Simar says okay I will stay. Roshni hugs her and says thank you choti ma.

Prem opens the file. He is about to see the letter but get a call. prem talks on call. Prem reads Rosy’s letter. Prem comes out and says Rosyy.. You wrote this? I am asking you something? Answer me. I can’t bear this. I have been ignoring this for long. but today with this love letter you have crossed all limits. Rosy says I am sorry sir. Prem says I won’t tolerate this. You thought this would make me happy? no. He tears the letter and throws it on her face. Prem says you are fired. Raj give her full and final payment today.

Precap-Piyush brings Rosy in Prem’s room. He says it was not Rosy’s mistake. I wrote that letter by her name. Prem slaps him. Piyush says its about time I tell you the truth.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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