Sasural Simar Ka 31st August 2015 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 31st August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar opens door of the room everyone is in there. Mohini says too much hide and seek come out everyone. you can’t run now. because your simar is under my control now. Amar is about to step out. Mata ji says no one will go out. she steps out herself. Mata ji says no matter how hard you try i trust God. You cant harm my simar. Mata ji pours ganga jal on simar. Simar says mata ji you? She says back in her senses. Simar says how did this door open? Mohini says simar i knew you were in the clad. You let me trap you. You know how to use your brain. I knew you would conceal them somewhere i cant come. You knew i can’t enter the temple. Simar says forgive me mata ji. I made a mistake. Mohini says all of you come out. Sunanda says how long will we wait for them. Mohini says you

have to die. Dont force me to kill you mercilessly. Simar says i am here standing in front of you as my family’s shield. To reach them you have to fight me first. Mohini says okay then if you wanna die you will. Last time i am asking are you coming out or not? okay then face it. She calls someone.

So many thugs enter the house. Everyone is scared. Mohini says if i can’t come in they can. They can do anything for money. You cant face them. Go bring all my special stuff from room and bring the unconscious man too. Sankalp amar and all the men start fighting with the thugs. Simar and women also start hittin them with rods. The thugs flee. They all hold hands in hands.

Mohini says you dont know my one attack is still left look there. they all turn back and sees the thug holdin the pot. sunanda says if you move forward he will break the pot. One of them will die. Mohini says keep standing and let him come here. Mohini says to simar you will always lack behind. She asks the thugs to leave. Mohini says bring your family out mata ji. simar what are you thinking? come out of the temple. Simar is about to step out. mata ji stops her. Mohini says simar is doin right mata ji let her come. She looks at pot and says you have to die. Who can it be? it can be anjali too. only i know who is in this pot. Sunanada says you can tell me at least. Mohini says what will you do with the name. Whoever it is has to die. Mohini says simar you have to do as i ask. She drops the pot, everyone gets scared. Mohini catches it. She says its not the time right now. I give you more time. Think and tell me. She says to sunanda maa lets go out. Amr steps out and snatches the pot from him. Mohini shoves him. she says dont ever try to stop me.

Precap-Mohini is dancing on ‘bari mushkil’ is the festive.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. sandya

    ssk spoiler: mohini keeps someone life pot in the dahi handi and does not want the sin come
    on herself. she dances in the function and makes the kids climb on the pyramid. she wants to see will evil win over simar’s trust. simar comes there on right time. and stops the kids from breaking the handi/pot. simar climbs on the pyramid and gets the handi down safely. simar was tensed about losing a bharadwaj family members life., and now she is happy to end’s mohini evil. mohini’s character will be making an end in the show.

  2. sandya

    pratyusha banerjee quits sasural simar ka!!
    pratyusha banerjee,who is currently seen essaying role of mohini on rashmi sharma teefilm’s popular show sasural simar ka is now quitting the show.
    we here that “she has now decided to quit the show and currently she is serving her notice period. the viewers will very soon get to see mohini’s track coming to an end in a dramatic way of the show”.
    when we contacted pratyusha to learn more about her reasons for quitting the show, she said, ” i am done with playing negative role . it’s been a lovely and beautiful journey”.
    when we asked pratyusha whether she would prefer playing positive or negative roles in future, she said, “i have no plans as such”.
    good luck pratyusha!!..

  3. s

    pari bhabi back in ssk, only rosid and anjali are left. and prem is still unconsious.. watinng forrosid in ssk now…. this week janmastami celebrations going mohini put rosid in the matka using her black magic in dahi handi.. simar tries to save them and we see mohini dances on stage..

  4. anusha

    spooky dahi hani celebrations in ssk….
    get geared up readers for some spooky updates from color’s popular show ssk .
    those who were wondering , why we are terming this piece as spooky update, soon they will get to know the real reason.
    till then hold on to your breath and read on.
    a source shared “as the entire bharadwaj family will gear up for janmastami celebrations, mohini will through challenge to simar. much like fairy tales, mohini will claim that she has kept roli’s soul locked up in the handi. and simar has to break the handi during the dahi handi celebration to save roli’s life”.
    oh ho, quitedramatic, say what readers?
    so, will simar be able to save roli’s life? well what we hear is that mohini will try her level best to stop simar from breaking the handi and will make it one hard challenge for simar.
    on the other hand all the family members will show their support to simar and will pray for mohini’s defeat.
    after prem, will simar be able to save roli’s life???
    shout out your thoughts in the comment section below.
    we tried reaching dipika kakar forconformation, but the lady remained unavailble.
    keep reading the space for more updates.

  5. Nina

    Wen’ll this dayan track came to an end.v r waiting to see whole family members together in ssk&we miss rosid very much

  6. s

    ssk week spolers:
    no rosid in this week also…. pari back but mohini hypnotizes her.. prem goes mssing again..
    1st sep: mohini clutches simar’s hand and challenges her to save thepot that she has placed on the top of the matki. simar tres to move,but cannot break through mohini’s clutches.
    2nd sep: simar figures out that prem is missing and so are the pots. mohini and sunanda are nowhereto be seen mohini calls simar and asks her to follow the instructions for what has to be done next.
    3rd sep: kushi asks pari to rest,but kushi leaves the room. pari calls mohini informing her that simar is planning something, but couldn’t hear her plan. sunanda is upset as they don’t know simar’s plan.
    4th sep: shailu tells everyone that mohini has done black magic on pari befor pari could react, everyone hold her and ties her to a chair. simar and amar moves are shocked to see mohini at the door.
    5th sep: mohini asks pari to destroy all the three pots. pari rushes towards the pots, but a black cat attacks pari and stops her. the black cat constantly stares at simar. simar and amar save prem.

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