Sasural Simar Ka 30th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 30th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
KB says your friend said she made a mistake by calling you. Anjali says let me talk to this Simar. Anjali comes downstairs and says enough.. Don’t do anything for me. Why don’t you understand.. You get me insulted everywhere. Simar says you could die. Anjali says that’s better. You have ruined my life. Piyush says she saved your life. Anjalui says shut up you are a servant. You better not talk. simar says go to kitchen. Simar says listen to me Anjali.. You know when a child is hurt the mother is hurt too.. Anjali shoves her and says don’t touch me. I hate it when you touch me. I don’t know what to do.. Why are you after me.. She picks up a vase and is about to hit simar with that. Premm comes and holds her hand.. Anjali says leave me I will kill her.

Prem says leave it. Anjali says dad leave me.. I will kill her today.. Prem slaps her and says shut up.. Is that how someone talks.. Enough. What she did last night was right. Anjali says because of you he slapped me. I will avenge this slap. Prem says just shut up. You will do what she asks now. KB says have you forgotten what Simar did with us? Prem says shut up. Anjali says I never expected you would take my side but by taking her side you have proved you are not my dad. Get lost both of you.. She goes in her room. Simar goes after her but Prem holds her hand and stops her. Piyush says thank God papa took ma’s side.

Simar comes and says thank you for supporting me in front of Anjali, to Prem. Prem says I did that all for my daughter. someone reminded me that my daughter is the most important. Simar says I don’t get it. He tells her what Piyush said. Simar says as a lie even, it matters to me that you are on my side now.

Scene 2
Next morining, Rohan recalls anjali eating chocolates. Raju says should I bring your oats? He says no chocolates.. Roshni says what? He says no no oats. Sumit says why you two don’t look fresh? Didn’t sleep? How is Piyush? Roshni says fine.. Sumit says I saw you two coming back. Rohan says she asked me to go and meet them. Roshni says no he was in too. Sumit says relax I am glad you two went to meet them. Rita says what should I do now.

Anjalu comes to kitchen and spills the milk. Piyush says I will clean it. He says you know anger ruins everything. Calm your nerves. You should think about yourself. This would harm you in the end.. They will curb everything on you. Anjali says they are pretending they cant be together and don’t talk in our family matters. This is the last warning. Piyush says how to I show them that ma and papa are one now.

Piyush is taking Simar’s luggage.. Prem says why are you bringing her luggage here? He says this is simar’s luggage. Prem says what? He says Anjali is clever, to prove you two are together you two have to pretend good. Simar says this is not possible. Keep my bag back in Anjali’s room. Piyush says okay if your hatred for each other is more than love for your daughter I will put her stuff back in Anjali’s room.
Anjali and everyone sees Simar taking her stuff to Prem’s room. Everyone is dazed. Simar says I know this all your effort Piyush. Piyush says you two should enter together. Piyush places a mud plate so it prints their foot print there. Piyush says this moment will be saved forever. Piyush says hold hands, Anjali is seeing you two. Prem holds Simar’s hand. Simar and Prem enter the room. Mataji says I knew you two would be one again. Prem and simar recall their old moments together. Mataji hugs them both. Mataji says let me go and thank God. She closes the door. Anajli says i will prove they are pretending.

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Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. It such a nice episode. So please continue like that. Don’t create anymore distance between prem and simar. They will bring their daughter in a correct way by together and pls get back Sid and Sanju to celebrate their reunion.

  2. Plx bring roli sidhanth and sanhu

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