Sasural Simar Ka 30th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 30th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar says i felt like i have seen that shadow before. It couldn’t understand anything. Mata ji says since when are you seeing this shadow? simar says since idnra came to our house.
Indra comes to Simar’s room and says simar you can only know what i want to tell you. You wont get anymore answers. she tears all the books apart in crumbs. Indra laughs.
Mata ji says this is related to indra. Simar says all we have are those books. Mata ji says yes we should read them without wasting anytime. simar says yes you are right.

Simar comes to her room and is shocked to see all the torn apart. Simar says who did all this? Its impossible to read them now. She says maybe sanju?
Simar wakes sanju up, sanju says mama i didn’t do anything, i was asleep.

Simar wonders if sanju didn’t do anything then who could? Indra herself? If she has done this then she surely knows that we are trying to find our her simar says what is happening. God show us a way. i thought we will find something in these books but these books are torn as well.

Simar sees a book and says how is this book safe. Why didn’t i see it. I don’t want simar to know about my secret. this is going to create problems for me. Simar looks at the book and says why is this one book safe? She takes it with her. Indra says i have to stop simar from reading this. I can’t just go and seize it from her. Simar says is this book about indrawati? Simar starts reading the book. Sanju comes to simar. Simar says sanju go to khushi chachi and don’t come until I ask you to.
Sid comes in and says mata ji? maa? Everyone is bewildered. Everyone goes and hugs him. It is unbelievable for everyone. Simar wonders how sid came out of pot himself. Mata ji says simar why are you standing there? Look sid is back.
Indrawati says in heart I had to do this simar. Sid asks where is prem? And roli? Where is she? Why are you not saying anything? Mata ji says I will tell you everything sid.
Mata ji tells him everything that Mohini did. She tells about the dagger and how mohini died and her blood drained on the dagger. She tells him about Indra.

Simar says I left the book there, she runs and says i am coming in a while. Simar takes the book and says i have to read is asap. Some pages are missing from the book. Simar says Indrawati come in front of us. why are you concealing from us when you haven’t left. Indra comes and says I am here simar. Sid says so she is the one? indra says yes i am the one. I brought you back and i will bring prem and roli back as well.Indra says i know what you are thinking right now. Why am I helping you even after you lost the challenge. Simar says you are right. You said you will leave but you didn’t.
You brought sid back and now you want to bring Prem and roli back as well. Indra says don’t think too much. the reason is pretty simple. After years someone challenged my talent. I was furious but when i danced with you i felt good. So I pardoned your mistake. I brought sid back to daze you all. How was my surprise? Sujat says thank you so much. indra says if you don’t do any mistake by tomorrow night i will bring roli and prem back here as well. Tomorrow is my third and last day here.

Precap- Something falls in temple but indra couldn’t hear it. Simar wonders where this noise came from. Simar tells mata ji indra can’t hear anything talked in temple.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. siddanth has come back at home . he has started spying on indravati. he goes to indravati’s home and tries finding some pots.the pots fall and siddanth got free.. indravati is ruling the show as the new dayan now. now roli and others willl be coming out of the mud pots soon..

  2. yeah yeah sid is back waiting for roli … but i have a doubt how sid back and from where dayan bring him.. directly sid came,, then how he came?? she bring anjali from pot which they shown,,, then how sid came?

  3. simar is that queen and prem is the king indravati is dancer who loves king but she didnt get king’s love and he killed her.. so now she wants to destroy them to take revenge from simar and prem.. simar is main target .. we might see roli saving simar. definetely if this track around simar and she is victim so roli have to come back to save simar .. if reallly avika back to shooting for ssk for this track definetely it gonna be super and good to see.. avika is simar’s saviour and simar is avka again sister’s bonding will back after so many days… hope to see rosim action… each saving one another and family…. simar ki takat roli and prem.. thats why dayan didnt bring roli and cure prem but sid back so definetely by next roli (avika) back…

  4. super……………… we are waiting for roli and prem rentry and we are really excited to see the upcoming episode,anyway i think now it is going in a good track.

  5. wow sid is back….pls show roli soon…

  6. waiting for roli

  7. wow sid is back……………. waiting for roli and prem

  8. Realy waiting for rolis has been more than a year watching roli and simar work together.would gud awsome to c them in action.

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