Sasural Simar Ka 30th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Sameer shows the door to Bhairavi

Sasural Simar Ka 30th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mata Rani taking out Mahesh’s ansh from Bhairavi’s body. Simar says I am thankful to you. Mata Rani says nothing can happen to my big bhakt, when you have done my tapasya, then I can also do this for you. Simar touches her feet. Mata Rani blesses her and gives her lotus. She signs Shera and asks him to come, and says our work is done now. Mata Rani and Shera disappears. Everyone comes out of trance. They hear the recording in which Bhairavi confessed to have killed Simar. They all see the recording in which Bhairavi confessed to have killed Simar and says she hates her. Everyone feels disgusted. Sameer looks at Bhairavi. He asks her not to utter a single word. He says you have taken advantage of the chance and kept your own son in dark and fooled me. He asks why? He

says whoever have given your support, you betrayed the same family and stabbed Simar on her back.

Bhairavi asks Sameer to listen to her. He refuses and holds her hand and asks her to leave. Bhairavi asks him to listen to her. He refuses and asks her to leave from his life for forever. Sameer apologizes to Simar. Simar says it is not your fault. I am happy that Bhairavi’s truth came infront of everyone. She gives petals of a flower to everyone and asks them to keep it safely. Piyush says shera mata ki jai. Mata ji asks simar to do Abhishek of Shiv ji. Simar and Prem pour milk on shivling and does shiv ji’s abhishek.

Later Mata ji tells that she can’t believe that Bhairavi can stoop so low. She says if anything had happened to Simar then. Simar says she is fine and asks her to drink tea. Sameer looks at Bhairavi’s pic and asks why did you try to kill my Sanjana, Simar and tried to ruin Bharadhwaj family. Your son is the one who is most hurt. Sanjana comes and consoles him. Sameer asks her not to leave him. Sanjana says when nobody is saying you anything then why you are feeling bad. Simar comes there and says whatever you are doing is wrong and asks him to look at her. Sameer says he can’t look at her. Simar says if you have been my son then I have pulled your ears and made you understand. Sameer calls her Maa and asks from where she gets such thoughts. Simar says you have punished your mum and it means you are good and asks him to forget the old bad memories and make new ones. Sameer promises her. Sanjana says without life partner how you will promise. Sameer promises them.

Prem and Piyush talk to Bhairavi. Simar comes and asks what happened. Prem says she is punished and she is at the place where she belongs. Sameer talks to his friend and says he can’t come today. He looks for Sanjana as the lights are off. He switches on the lights and sees room decorated. Sanjana is hiding behind teddies and asks him to search her. She laughs. He comes near her and holds her romantically. He says he wants to make a new start, but it is not easy for him. Sanjana says I know, but these bad memories will leave you with time, you have to keep some patience, and says lets go out and have momos your favorite. Sameer gets a call from Police and the Inspector informs him that his mum is arrested. Sameer is shocked and who has filed the complaint. Inspector says Prem Bharadhwaj. Sameer says they have filed the complaint, but didn’t inform me, gets upset. Inspector says your mum condition is bad, and she haven’t talked since she came here. He says I am coming there. He comes to hall and sees everyone wishing happy anniversary to Sanjana and him. Sanjana asks if he forgot and says it is ok. Piyush teases Sameer and Roshni gets upset.

Simar tells everyone that she got a call and came to know that Anjali got consciousness. They all get happy. Anjali is brought home. Inspector says he came to get her statement.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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