Sasural Simar Ka 30th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 30th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
That woman comes in. Indra leaves mata ji. Mata ji throws ganga jal on prem. He comes to his senses. Prem comes to simar and says please forgive me I didn’t know what was i doing? I am sorry if I hurt you. Simar says don’t blame yourself.
Indra says to that woman, you? How you came here? Suddenly Indra disappears. Everyone wonders where has she gone. Mata ji says you are the same woman that indra used to be scared of. She can’t face you. Mata ji says to her please help us.
Indra comes in laughing and says because of you I met her. Because of her my powers have increased.
Indra says I think you didn’t get me. I have answer of all your questions.
Simar says what you mean? Indra says listen to me. Amar was doing his work so well. But he didn’t you he can’t fool indrawati. She recalls Amar trying to
call, she did magic on him and asked him to hang up. She said now you will do as I ask. Take me to the woman simar wanted to bring to me.
They went to that woman’s house. Indra said to her I am the same witch that Simar wanted you to meet. My name is Indrawati. Don’t you recognize me? She hugged Indrawati and says its me.

Indra says so lets end this game of hide and seek. Simar you saved your family from such difficult times. You saved them and risked your life. You have really done so much for them, lets see if all of them together can save you or not.

Indra says simar you have been tested a lot but now its your family’s turn.
Indra says now you just rest. I am here for you. She shows her the keys and says you see? Rest of the responsibilities are now mine. Now sasural simar ka, is sasural indrawati ka.

Precap-Indra takes simar somewhere in dark. Simar says please leave me indrawati.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. atiba update tumhi ho bandhu sakha tumhi

  2. simar to be captured inside a pot in colors sasural simar ka?
    its drama at its best in color’s popular show ssk .
    well , the tattooed woman, played by shradda mausale who all assumed to come in as support for simar in her mission against indravati will turn out to be on the other side of the battel ring..
    yes shradda character will be the same witch who had transformed indra into witch years back.
    phew, so what will happen next for simar?
    with the partners in crime indra and shradda’s characters joining hands yet again, the evil power against the simar will be double up.
    in the episodes to come, indra will put prem yet again into the clutches of black magic. and will want prem to kill simar.
    the next step for indra and her partner will be to stop the threat from simar , hence the two of them will plan to minimize simar and get her into a pot.
    yes, you heard it right!!!
    will simar now be put inside a pot? how will prem get out of the witch’s evil black magic?
    we tried calling dipika and shradda but did not get through to them.
    all of it in the episodes to come…

  3. Today i dint understand…….tat day wen padma and takur were abt to run a third lady came on seeing tat lady tis indravathi and her guru maa both took blessings frm her …….but today y they showed like tis tat tis tatoo wali ladki is guru maa????

  4. missing rosid and avika

  5. Missing roli…. do no akshu y they showed like that

  6. s akshu i think tat lady may b roli…she only save her family and her sister…it is my opinion…

  7. Because in avika wiki her one of the name is phoolwati dayan through tat only i who knows the writers r making twist at any time…prem also told in sbs segment there is a twist in tis mysterious lady…so tat only i think…watever pls show roli soon as positive…

  8. is cid frame tarika is not a queen of daayan?? where is she went and other one came her guru maa??? where is roli? is she roli whoo as in guru maa??? i also saw in avika’s wikipedia her name in ssk given as phoolvati daayan…. what is it mean is she guru maa is roli? where is roli? please anyone clarify me?… where is roli? why they gave name like that? please reply me…

  9. who is the 3rd person is she roli or shradda? who is dayano ki queen ?? is it roli??

  10. i think roli only save her family poor prem and sid.their love in pot.what they r doing in this save simar and roli? What happen in next?waiting next episode

  11. after reading today written update of ssk that tharika is queen of dayan or not? who is queen of daayan …. she is became guru maa… in previous episodes we saw guru maa and indravati take blessings from another woman who is she? is that lady is tharika or roli? how tharika came as her to gurumaa form… so is she guru maa or 3rd lady…. and according to today episode there is no clue who is queen of daayan because guru maa take face off tarika to confuse simar then who is queen of dayan tharika or somebody else or there is no queen of dayan realy confusing that’s who is 3rd lady is she roli or tharika/ or she is dayan ki queen

  12. we heard that with shradda’s entry indravati’s powers will double.. she is also a dayan… so from where she came guru maa… from whom she will get scared.. who is the lady indravati is scared… so when shradda came why indravati dazed.. confusing give clarity. please……..

  13. what yaar always draging in kali jaadu
    too much booring
    why always simar will get troubles ?
    end that indravathi chapter please

  14. Toooooooooooo stupid and boring birbal ki khichdi ssk.

  15. I think tat guru dayan ll rebirth form is shradda or indravati ll hypostised shradda watever…bt she told she is the teacher of her so i think guru dayan rebirth form is shradda…anyway its may b clear on 2mrw episode…

  16. Enough of these supernatural powers.. Please end this now.
    And a humble request bring back ROLI asap.
    And yes show something real and scientific.
    Even if yu ppl want to show these kinda of stuffs then please present it in a scientific way.

  17. writers please dont show roli in negative role..i like roli more than simar..i was started watching this serial because of roli…plzzzz writers plzz stop this track and plz bring our roli back…

  18. I am totally confused because of this cv’s

  19. Writers pls don’t show roli in a negative role. I love roli and simar didi same. Pls Get roli back soon. I cant see simar in troubles all time. Please end indravathi’s chapter.
    I want see my simar didi and roli in a happy situation.

  20. ssk new montage is super but presid missed…. in montage rosim pic and mataji , sujatha, karuna, kushi and jahnavi all ladies there with rosim pots and except uma and pari why they missed.. presid missed… but montage and rosim pic is super……

  21. I think its roli…soo indravati didn’t save roli.i thi.k roli willcome back soon n will save her simar dee n pooraa bharadwaj family.. Sooo sad that tbat sid n prem get lost their luv..n anju n sanju lost thier maa and roli mausi … will b roli the lDy whom indra is s ared:-P:-(

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