Sasural Simar Ka 30th May 2013 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 30th May 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 30th May 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Bharadwaj house
simar is scerad to see khushi talking like this. Jhumki says that she would see when needs be, and goes to hit her, but is stopped by simar. As khushi leaves, jhumki says that she isnt upset for khushi, but that her sleep got over. Simar says that they shouldnt give any chance to khushi, so that their plan is spoiled. Simar tells her that she has to prepare the prasad. jhumki says that she doesnt know to do anything, as she’s an artist, and never did kitchen work. Simar says that she would handle everything, but she should focus and put her artistry on play, and get dressed soon and come down. As simar leaves, jhumki is very frustrated that here she has to follow rules and regulations

As she starts dressing up, she finds khushi standing

behind her, saying that she doesnt need to do any drama, as she knows that she isnt roli, just her lookalike. she asks that she may be able to lie to her but not to God. Khushi tells her that she’s going to sin by sitting in the puja. She says that she doesnt know what has brought her here, but this puja is for a couples’ well being, a nd since she isnt sid’s wife, therefore its wrong for her to be sitting with him. By doing so, she would not only be insulting sid, but also the Lord, who would give her punishment for the same. Khushi says that if that family asks her to jump in a well blindly, for their well being, then would she do it. Jhumki pretends to agree. Seeing that she’s having her desired effect, khushi places a reassuring hand on her shoulder and says that its her will after all, but she just felt like making her understand. As she leaves, she casts a cursory glance at jhumki, and then leaves. Jhumki is very cautious and tensed.

At the puja mandap, mausiji is wondring about the prasad. Simar comes with it. Karuna asks why has she made and not roli. Simars ays that she is getting dressed, as the doctor has prescribed rest for her, and hence she didnt wake her up, and made the prasad herself. Mausiji praises her and says that hye just need the priest. Sankalp comes with the pandit, and they are almost to start with the puja, while simar and prem wait for jhumki. the priest calls sid, to sit in front, and asks for his wife, as they both have to stay together in this puja, for its success. as mausiji beckons simar, she says that she would just get Roli. Simar leaves for her room.

Jhumki is tensed about khushi’s words. Simar comes in and finds her like that, and asks why isnt she ready yet, and the priest too has come. she begisn to dress her up, but she finches away. Simar asks what happened, and iof anyone saiud anything to her. Jhumki says that she wont attend this puja. Jhumki reiterates what khushi had advised her. Simar says that she cant walk back now, as it can spoil everything. Jhumki says that she’s right, but even she herself isnt any girl, and these traditions are wrong. SImar asks if saving someone’s house is wrong, and infact by doing this, she’s doing a huge favour on them, and a good deed. She reminds what khushi and viru did, and says that if she doesnt agree, then they would win, and their trap would be successful. Simar says that would be bad winning over the good, and if she really wants that. Simar asks her to think, that her own brother and her dream too would be unfulfilled, and if she really wants that. Jhumki is speechless.

As khushi comes down the stairs, the priest asks for roli, while mausiji is tensed of this. Khushi thinks that her plan was successful, and if she doesnt come, then they would understand that this isnt the real roli, who wouldnt have cribbed once for the puja. She feels that her hold on the house, is strengthening now and she wont have to leave after all. Simar comes down with roli, seeing whom khushi is tensed and upset. All are happy to see her. The priest asks her to sit beside sid. Jhumki is tensed. Simar seats jhumki beside sid. The priest says that they both would together now pray to the Goddess. The priest tells them about the Goddess’ various incarnations, while khushi thinks of away to reveal the truth about this fake roli. The priest says that the puja is finished and wishes their well being. He asks them to stand for the arti.

As the priest tells jhumki, assuming she’s roli, to start singing hymns, she is tensed. Seeing her quiet, the priest asks her to sing, and as the puja is kept for her, therefore the Maharti has to begin with her only.

Jhumki thinks that had it been a filmy song, she would have easily managed, but artis, she doesnt have a clue about. she wonders what to do, while simar is tensed. Finally, she breaks into a modern version, of the bhajans, shocking everyone. Viru and khsuhi are very happy. Mausiji confronts her for singing like this. Simar is shocked and at a loss of an answer. Khushi thinks that this game is over, and this lookalike would now be revealed in front of everyone. The screen freezes on her happy face.

Precap: As pari was putting Kishmish in the sweetened Rice porridge being made for roli, Umar stops her reminding that Roli has an aleergy to it, and last time she consumed them, she had a near fatal attack of allergy. Khushi, hearing this at the end of the kitchen, thinks that this is the right way to find out and reveal to everyone, that this isnt roli, as she wont have an allergic reaction to Kishmish after all.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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