Sasural Simar Ka 30th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 30th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Shaitan takes roli with her.choti dulhan says the only way to save roli is to get a blue flower on a tree from jungle.
Baba says only that person can get this flower who has blood relation with Roli. Sid says I dont agree to all this. My relation with her is more than blood. Sid goes in anger. Mata ji says he is really worried leave him alone for sometime. Simar says trust me I will not let anything happen to roli. Baba says we don’t have much time. We should get that flower in 1 hour. He will try to distract you but you have to stay steadfast.

Shaitan reads his mantra. Roli is bound to a pillar. He laughs and says come you are welcome. A voice says shaitan you will need another evil force which is in bharadwaj house right now and it is simar’s enemy like

you. Shaitan stands up. He says who is that evil force that is in your house. roli says don’t waste time. i wont tell you. Kill me or you will regret. He throttles her and says if I had to kill you i didn’t have to bring you here. You touched maani last time and to get its powers I will need you. There is someone who will do anything to save you.

Everyone prays for simar. Simar is running in jungle here and there to look for the flower. She trips and falls. Simar says few hours are left. I have to reach home with the flower.
Shaitan meets sid and says who was simar’s enemy before me? Tell me this is your last chance. what is the evil force in your house? Sid says patali? Her idol is in our house. Shaitan laughs.

Simar gets up and sees the tree above her. Simar says this is the same tree but it has thousands of flowers. Where will I find the one which has blue grains and petals. Please show me a way,
Simar sees the blue flower among all. She tries to get. Simar climbs the tree. SHe s about to slip. The flower falls from her hand. it gets stuck in a stem. simar says i have to be careful. If this flower falls down all effort will go in vain. Simar gets the flower. She says thank God. Simar says only few minutes are left. I have to reach home asap. She runs out of jungle but hears roli’s voice. Didi stop please save me didi. Simar turns back roli is standing there.

Precap-Simar hears roli screaming for help. She walks in direction of voice and gets hit by a car. A woman comes out.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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