Sasural Simar Ka 30th July 2014 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 30th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Everyone is with karthik. simar looks at vikran and thinks that sunnaina trusts you and thinks that you are not involved in her death. Baa asks simar to talk to him. Simar gives him water. Simar says you should sleep. you were saying something. What was written on the mirror. Vikran says don’t say anything. Sunnaina he is not well to speak. He should just rest. Vikran says you should ask the girl’s family not t come. He is not well. baa says I can’t say no to them again and again. I will talk to him tomorrow. baa asks siamr to sleep in sanju’s room.

Simar calls roli and tells her that karthik was so worried I thought he will say something about sunnaina but then vikran stopped him. Sunnaina says I don’t think vikran is involved in all this. Simar

says I still doubt him. Simar says I don’t know baa will be able to bear the truth. Simar says we are so near our plan number one has worked so well. Roli says I have to go back to dehli. All the shopping Is done. Sunanina says you have to stay.

Scene 2
jahnvi is trying to dress p nirvana. Sid comes and helps her in dressing him up. He says have you called your husband ? She says I can’t say anyting I don’t know he will get time or not. he says I will call him if he say no.
Jhanvi says leave bhaiya I will talk to him. he gets a call from client. Jahnvi says in heart how will I conceal all this from the family.

Scene 3
Baa tells simar the dishes she has to make. Siamr recalls roli telling her that she will leave tonight. She says in heart I have to complete my plan no2. She sees karthik coming down. She say karthik still looks bad the next plan will work well at this time. she asks karthik how are you now ? He nods. baa says karthik try to go out in fresh air. baa says complete tyour work by the evening. The girl and her family is coming. Baa says I know you are worried karthik but don’t worry. Vikran says she is right I am with you everything will be fine. Karthk gets a call from a private number. he goes out and receives the call. HE says who is this ? Roli says why you killed sunnaina ? he is shocked. Roli says I am coming tonight to get my answer get ready. Karthik is worried. Vikran says who was It ? Karthik says it was from hospital. I have to go, I am coming. Simar sees karthik worried. She says I have to tell this to roli, that the plan has worked. She says I am going to market to bring some stuff.

Simar meets roli and sunnaina and tells them that he was so scared and worried. Sunnaina says we will leave him no option than speaking the truth and he has to tell what who his partner is. Roli says and you’ll go back to dehli with me. Sunnaina says I also want you to go back home but what will happen to my daughter. You loved her and raised her like I would have. I was so happy that she has you. She is so young she can’t bear to lose you. What will happen to my sanju. Simar gets a call from khushi and says yeah I am coming. She says I have a flight at 3 I have to do the packing. She hugs simar. Simar says take care of yourself. Roli leaves.

Scene 4
Roli, khushi and surbhi come back. Mataji ask how as your shopping ? Did surbhi get the saaris of her choice? Surbhi says yeah I found saris. Khushi there we saw.. she stops. Mata ji asks what did you see there ?

precap- Anjali says I wanna meet mama right now. Roli says don’t say that massi just came back you didn’t even ask me what I brought for you ? Khushi says why don’t you call the one she wants to meet. Why don’t you bring simar

Update Credit to: Atiba

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