Sasural Simar Ka 30th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 30th July 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 30th July 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with simar questioning janvi that why is she in their house and asks her the intention of coming to her house and family. Janvi is telling her that what is she saying and she is misunderstanding her and she has not come to destroy her family. Simar asks her not to act to smart and tell her the reason of coming to BD house. She then warns her not to destroy her family or she will have to pay for it. Simar is going from janvi’s room and tells her that your intention might be anything but she warns her to stay away from her family. Janvi is very angry. Its morning and the whole family is waiting for mataji to come so that they can wish her. Mataji comes and everyone wishes her. She is happy as well as sad. They all sit for breakfast and mataji asks about janvi and tells

uma to call her but uma tells her that she is not in her room and maybe has gone away. Everyone is wondering that why has she gone and then sujata says that maybe she knew that we would stop her again and that’s why she left the house without informing anyone. Suajata looks at simar. Then simar thinks that maybe she got scared to confront the family that’s she left the house without informing anyone. Simar then thinks that she should tell the family about janvi and her conversation but then she doesn’t say anything thinking that mataji will get upset and will get worried and she doesn’t want to spoil her day. She then says that she has to tell this to someone she then looks at sujata and makes a eye moment to her signaling that she wants to talk to her. Simar tells everything to sujata regarding janvi and sujata says that she doesnt think that janvi is bad and says that she shouldn’t doubt her and be happy and take care of herself. On the other side mataji is thinking about her birthday 20yrs ago and thinking about the incident where they have shown in flashback that there is blood on mataji’s hand and she is scared and sujata is running. Mataji gets scared and cries and says that this day should get over somehow and sujata sees her and consoles her. Its night and suajata and mataji get ready to go to matarani’s mandir. Mataji and sujata are coming downstairs but the lights are off and mataji questions as to why are the lights off and suddenly the lights get on and everyone shouts surprise and wishes mataji happy birthday.

Mataji gets shocked as there is a party and she is getting all those memories back. Mataji is about to go to her room as she doesn’t like to celebrate her birthday but simar stops her saying that it’s her 60th birthday and she should celebrate it but mataji is not listening to herand everyone tries to cinvice her but yet then sujata tells her and she gets ready. Simar and roli get mataji down and wish her and all the guests also wish her. Then rajendra asks prem and sid about the cake and they go to get the cake. Sujata takes mataji aside and asks her to be happy for the kids. Mataji then says that all these events are making her remember about her birthday’s 20yrs ago night. Simar heres this and asks which night is she talking about. Mataji gets shocked.

Simar gets mataji’s favourite sweet and mataji says that this is seriously her favourite sweet. Then mausiji sees janvi coming and syas that she has come and syas she is like Mr. India. Mausiji gets mataji and says that see your bodyguard has come. Then simar again says that enough is enough and she has to talk to janvi. Then janvi apologizes to mataji that she left without informing her. Then she says that she had to go as she had to get a surprise for her. The screen freezes on simar’s determined face to know janvi’s intentions.

Precap: – Karuna asks janvi that where is her surprise. Then janvi tells that same women to come infront of mataji to whom janvi was talking on the phone. Janvi has covered mataji’s eyes and tells her to see her surprise. Mataji gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Vishwal

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