Sasural Simar Ka 30th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 30th January 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 30th January 2013 Written Update

mataji finally kicks khushi out and says to to family..everyone come inside. they all go in and khushi is crying at the doorstep. and family kisses and loves anjali. prem takes her too. roli looks at matarani and thnx her. khushi still standing at the door step crying..and roli signals to veeru that khushi still there. veeru gets up and walks towards khushi…and khushi comes in the house running to him and family shocked. khushi says veeru i knew u cant see me like this. u still care for me. look veeru pls forgive me. veeru i was wrong and i will always do what u tell me but do not throw me out of this house. veeru says billo ur drama doesnt phaze me anymore so go. and khuhsi is holding his leg..and says no u cant do this to me…we were always together…and veeru says let go of my leg..and she says no promise me or else i m not going to let go of ur leg…and veeru looks at khuhsi and she looks at him and he bends down and lifts her and she hugs him and roli and family shocked. !! khushi says i knew it!! and masi is worried if veeru would forgive khushi. veeru hugs her back and says billo … and then he picks her up and walks towards the door!!!!! all family shocked!! and so is khuhsi..and he DROPS her on the doorstep and khushi shouting i do not want to leave this house…leave me…pls dont throw me out pls veeru pls. but he drops her. and family smiling and shocked. and khushi also shocked and veeru says billo ur true position is here…out of this house. veeru gets up and closes the door while giving her a flying kiss. and khuhsi keeps on shouting veeru veeru!!!! all neighbours come out and watch this. and they comment look look the person who threw the bardwaj family our of their own home is thrown out today. God always helps. she did such a bad thing with a good family.

Veeru looks at roli and then the family and then he walks to the coach and sits on it. ROli looks at him. and mataji looks at matarani and prays to her. and the family goes to the god and prays. and veeru sees roli crying and wonders why is roli crying. roli also prays from within.

khushi gets up from the front door while ppl are watching her and hear them taunting her. khuhsi picks up her bags and starts walking. family is still praying to god and simar is praying for Roli. simar looks for roli but no where to be seen.

khuhsi is walking with her bags..and roli comes in front of her. and as she is about to fall roli catches her. and khushi is shocked to see her. khushi backs up!! and roli says wow khushi u have a long journey ahead of u and u are already falling. u lived in leisure and luxury for a long time in OUR house with OUR money but now it is ur turn to fall. now time wii show u the reality. Remember just cause money comes doesnt mean respect comes too. U stole everything for us..our house, anjali and u made us servants. but we didnt give up either. We were always with the truth. u see…God always does justice his way. till this morning u will the owner of this house, giving charity to ppl but now u need charity. nor do u have shelter nor food. u r alone and u will alsways be alone!! cause no one supports ppl who decieve others. khuhsi says roli dont worry about me…as i have lived in poverty from chilhood but you dont forget…my name is khuhsi u made ur whole family fall at her feet. Roli says right now i feel pity for u really. I can help u a bit…let me call auto or taxi. oh i forgot…thwy would ask u where u want to go…what would u say..u have no where to go. Oh yeah khushi u need money for auto and taxi as welll…u have it…NO!!! a real dillema. but dont worry I m a DIL of bhardwaj family who give charity to the poor. I will help u. here…ONE RUPPEE!!!! this is what u r worth!!! if a beggar gets more then its worth that then u have get the habit of asking for money!!! khushi shouts…HOW DARE U ROLI!!! khushi says did i sat something wrong. khuhsi if u dont beg what will u do. and roli says i forgot .. u have a talent to earn money…DANCING!!! BAR DANCER!!!! or did u forget how to dance?? if u forgot then u have no other way then u BEG!!!

Pre-cap – Khuhsi is about to slap Roli but veeru comes in middle and holds her hand and says BILLO how dare u raise ur hand on MY ROLI!!! and khushi is shocked!!

Update Credit to: kasrana

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