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Scene 1
Vikram says you gave him 10 lacs. Anjali says he is lying. Vikram he isn’t you are lying. Ask her where did she get 10 lacs from? You came to our house Simar aunty, she stole that necklace from our locker. Everyone is dazed. Anjali says.. Vikram says shut up. You have lied so much. The jeweler showed me his CCTV, anajli was there selling our necklace. That footage is wrong as well right? Say someone edited it there too? I stood by you in all this. That slipping from stairs was a drama too right? I you ever loved me then please speak truth or I swear after today you will never see my face again. Anjali says okay fine. I did all that. I did that deliberately. Prem slaps her hard. He says you can punish her the way you want Vikram.

Vikram calls police and says you will

get everything you wanted to release tai ji. Come to bahradwaj house. Anajali gives statement. Inspector says we have to release Saroj ji now. They bring saroj in. Vikram hugs her. Inspector says you can sue anjali for flase blame saroj ji. Simar says we can’t say anything you people can do what you feel is right. Prem says yes Vikram we will all accept your decision. Vikram says this is our family problem and we don’t police involved in it. He says we don’t want to file any case.

They take atul and leave. Vikram says to Anjali look at here, she has never seen police station in her life because of you spent a night in jail. Why you did this? Anjali says what could I do? I could see in her eyes that she won’t ever accept me. She won’t let me live in peace. She is so possessive about you that she could never see you loving me. She had problem with me since day one, so I decided I will move her from myself. That was the point when I decided I won’t let anyone come in between me and you. She says tai ji this is what you wanted right? But remember I can do this again to make vikram mine. Simar say anjali are you out of your mind? You are blaming her even now? instead of repenting. Mataji says this is too much anjali. We are all ashamed because of you. You thoughts are disgusting. Simar says and what are you saying? Look at her, see who looks fooled? She tolerated everything you did because she considered you her daughter. You insulted your own relationship not you. Look at Vikram’s face, you have hurt him so much. You have made fun of your marriage. What did he do in return? He didn’t say a word to police? What do you think of yourself? Who are you? Who are you that after marrying you Vikram should forget his parents? Why? Remember they all have a place in his life way more than him. If you loved him you would have respected the people he loves. You ruined his house instead.

Simar says I am responsible for all this mataji. I left her here alone. I couldn’t give her my manners. Prem says it is not your fault. Simar says Vikram please forgive us. Vikram says why are you apologizing. you have not done the mistake. It’s anjali’s mistake. She should apologize to Tai ji. I hate myself. Anjali says please calm down Vikram. Vikram says shut up. Enough. Don’t touch me. You are nothing for me anymore. I hate you. Anjali says please don’t say that. Please. I don’t know. I was out of my mind. I was blind in getting you. I lost my mind. She cries and says please forgive me. Please. Vikram says if you want to apologize, apologize tai ji. Prem says touch her feet and apologize her. Vikram says if Tai ji doesn’t forgive you, forget that you ever had a husband. Vikram says no no. Anjali says tai ji please I am sorry. I apologize. She touches her feet and says I can’t live without Vikram. Forgive me. Saroj recalls everything Anjali said. Saroj says when you come back home at evening you are not lost. But you were lost anjali. You deliberately did all this. You forgive someone who mistakes, but who sins, should be punished. By mistake you didn’t do all this, you did that intentionally. You made my motherhood so weak that Vikram said all that. A girl like you can never be anyone’s daughter or anyone’s daughter in law. Saroj says you will never become daughter in law of my house. Anjali says you called me your daughter won’t you pardon me? Saroj says yes I considered you my daughter but what did I get in return? you have hurt my motherhood. You have hurt unity of my house. You have hurt our dignity. Because of you my son doubted me.
Khushi says this is too much, you forgot that you son did a sin too but we all forgave him as well. If anjali made this small mistake. Mataji says what? KB says when anjali made a mistake you are talking about dignity? Mataji says shut up Khushi. Two wrong doesn’t make one right. Vikram says okay I forgive you anjali. For all the lies and theft but what you did with tai ji I won’t ever pardon you for that. Because of you first time in life I misbehaved with tai ji. I can’t look at her in the eyes. You don’t have a heart. You never loved me. You can’t love your parents and respect them. How could you love mine? Anjali says I really love you. I will do whatever you say. Vikram place her hand on his head. He says swear on you will do what I ask you to. She says yes everything. He says then you will stay here without me.

Precap-KB says to anjali I gave you so many ideas. All of those ideas worked. Then why you called these women empowerment people? Anjali says I had to kick tai ji out of the house. Kb says you could ask me for ideas. I will tell you now how will you kick her out of that house. Everyone comes in and hears everything. Simar says tell everyone your real face. KB says I agree I did all that. Simar slaps KB. She kicks her out the house.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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