Sasural Simar Ka 30th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 30th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Patali says i need you simar. Simar shoves uma and runs out of house. she locks the gate from outside. Everyone says what are you doing simar? Why are you going? Simar leaves. Mata ji asks simar to call roli. Jhanvi says call devika.
Simar comes to jungle. Devika and khushi unlock the gate. They come in.
Sid comes in. He says on call prem is in police station. Please inform whatever news you get. Mata ji says where can simar go. Please take care of her God.

Patali says idol is not the only reason to bring your here simar. I want to know if you are complete part of my world or not. Only a good soul can touch this shivling idol. If you are on evil’s side completely you wont be able to touch it. Otherwise it would mean that there is still good left in you.

I need to know if you are my follower completely or not. Before I do what I plan on doing to your husband and family. Devika you have helped me by hiding my idol behind shivling. If simar is completely under my control
I wont need this idol at all. Shadow says have you thought if simar reached the idol it would be your defeat. Patali says we will decide that right now.Simar says I can do anything to follow your order. Simar walks towards the trishun. After some struggle simar takes out the trishun. Patali says no this cant happen.

Simar says here take your idol. Patali says i did everything to get you under my control. Still there is good left in you. This is my defeat. Patali says now i will do something that will blacken your soul. There is no more evil than in this world. now I will come inside you and you will be evil’s follower completely. Trishun in temple falls. Mataji holds it. Sujata says this is a bad sign.
Everyone is praying. Patali comes near simar. Prem comes in. sujata says did you find her?prem says i didn’t. Why didn’t you stop her. Mataji says we tried but she locked the gate from outside. Prem says where can she go.

Patali goes inside simar. Simar laughs. She says I am inside your simar and i will make you do things that even if you try you wont be able to come to bright side. lets go to your house with this idol. once this idol is in your house my real game will start then. She laughs.

Precap-Simar comes with other witches with the idol. They dance like witches. Prem says let me go find simar. Simar is on gate with idol.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. God what the hell is this I don’t want to see ssk any more

  2. Boring plz bring some importance for Rosid …Atleast now make the story roli in action against patali devi bring some interesting episode for ssk fan’s more than that Rosid and rosim fans …we miss u lots Rosid

  3. Simar has done black magic on Mata ji
    which makes her muted. Simar blames
    Khushi for the same and asks her to
    leave from the house. Khushi tells that
    she is innocent and haven’t done
    anything. Simar instigates the family
    against Khushi as she has turned negative
    under Paatali Devi effect.

  4. So stupid episode..writers ko kuch aur nai mila serial ko aage badhhane k liye. Isiliye woh nagin aatma dayans topic he toh it’s too much. Y writers r doing like this.. no likes for this serial. N trps is getting down.

  5. Show some others dramas instead of this.

  6. Give a break… where the story beginned n where it’s landing to..??? If the writers have no ideas n creativity, it’s better to end the serial.. viewers are tired off such supernatural gossips..

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