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Sasural Simar Ka 30th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Prem makes chanda wear mangalsutra. Sujata consoles simar. He fills her hairline too. Simar says all relations are broken. She sits in temple and says everything is over. We are parted. Someone pats her shoulder, its chanda. She says it was just your dream. It will be reality soon.
Simar sees on screen. Mataji says chanda come. Chanda says mata ji I wana talk to you. Mata ji says come sit here. Chanda says I and Prem are getting married. Chanda says you don’t know that I and Prem are getting married tomorrow. Everyone is shocked. Simar says what. Sujata says how is that possible.
Mata ji says you are really hasty for it? Chanda says I have some work so I have to go abroad. It would have been better if I and Prem had gotten married beforehand. Mata ji says yeah why

not. Amar, call guru ji. She says its better that you get married soon.
Sujata says simar your mangalsutra is stronger than this. Everything will be okay. Simar says let me trying calling prerna. We can try once. She calls on sid’s number.
Sid says who is this? Speak up. Mataji says who is it? Sid says no one is speaking. Simar says there is a bomb in your house. Sid says what? Sid tells mata ji. She stands in shock. Mata ji says who can dare doing that? Sid says lets go out and discuss. Amar says yeah we cant ignore that. Sid says we have enemies anyone can do that. Mata ji says they have gotten to know everything. Prerna says in heart simar must have made this call.
Chand says who can do this? Is this simar’s trick? They all come out. Amar says bomb squad is reaching anytime.
Prerna says I have to stop this wedding. There is only one way of doing it. She goes to guru ji and says I want to tell you something. Don’t give tomorrow’s day. He says its a good day tomorrow. Bomb squad comes with police. They check in.
simar says we couldn’t do more than this. Prerna has gotten my signal too. They tell mataji after checking there is no bomb. Sid says that was a fake call.
Prerna is requesting guru ji.
Mata ji say amar find out who was the fake caller. Chanda says to her woman check where is guru ji. Simar says who is this woman with chanda. What if she sees prerna talking to guru ji.

Mataji says sorry guru ji. Our enemies are everywhere. tell me whats the perfect time for tomorrow. Guru ji says there is no moment for tomorrow. Mataji and everyone is shocked. Chanda says see clearly. Mata ji says they have to get married tomorrow. Do something for tomorrow. He says I am sorry mata ji. I can’t do anything about it. It will be dangerous for both of them. Sid says if they marry tomorrow anyone can die. Mata says what? He says yes. Chanda says what the hell are you saying. Mata ji says calm down chanda. I can’t say not what guru ji is saying. We can’t risk lives. Its about 7 days only. Mata ji says tell me the day after 7 days. Chanda says in heart how can he do this.
Simar says you for maani that my life was written by God. God will always be with me.

Precap-Mataji says to sid, this time she tries to do something kill her beforehand. Wherever you see her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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