Sasural Simar Ka 30th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 30th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar gives roli a saari and says mata ji has sent it for daughter in law of our house. Your life can’t be colorless, you have to own the colors. God is with us, Sid is alive. God has sent sid for you. Roli says thank you didi and say thanks to mata ji and sorry as well. I will only wear it when sid recognizes me. Simar says okay, I have to go now. Take care of yourself.

Calendar knocks at the door, pari is following him. Roli asks who is it? he says its me calendar. Calendar tells her prem and sid aren’t home. Pari wonders whom is he talking to. Roli says what will happen now. I can’t sit home, i am going to find sid. She goes out, pari sees him. Calendar says roli i swear you on sid, you wont go anywhere. Roli stops. pari says this means the woman i saw

that day was no one but roli.

Sid is jogging, prem is tired. He says i can’t jog anymore. Sid says what about crunches? prem nods. Sid says this is the rule of fitness, stamina ends work out starts. Prem recalls sid saying same words to him. Aryan asks what happened? Prem says nothing. are you from Dehli? Aryan says you wanna know who i am and where i came from? Two months ago i met an accident, doctors declared me dead. but i was alive. when i opened my eyes i was in hospital. Prem says where did you had the accident? Aryan says highway. prem says which hospital? Aryan says city hospital. Prem is shocked. He says i heart its same as sid’s accident. Prem goes to a side and calls his friend karan, he says you are still a doctor in city? please get me all the cases reported in last two months at city hospital. sid calls rajveer and says i told him as you asked me to.

pari says to uma i know roli’s reality. Uma says was that roli? Pari says she was not even wearing any veil. uma says where is she? When they go to uma’s room, they see simar asking sattu to sign some papers. Pari says i asked you to keep an eye on sattu. She must be asking him to name his property to her name. Simar and roli will be living and owning this house, and we will be begging. Uma imagines, begging outside bharadwaj house with pari. Simar comes and says look at you both, looks like you haven’t eaten for long. I am really generous, she takes out some coins and throws them up in the air.Uma screams no. Sattu says what happened? uma says how can you sign papers without reading the papers? Sattu says what is wrong with you both? these are nirvan’s admission papers, they need signature of parents. Her dad is not here, so simar asked me to sign them. uma why you jump in things without knowing anything. He leaves. smar leaves as well. Pari says i will expose her.

Aryan takes out his dagger and goes towards prem. Girjesh is keeping an eye on him. Sid is about to stab him, Amar comes and grasps his hand. Prem’s face on the other side. Girjesh says where did he come from. Prem turns back and says amar you here with a knife? Sid says i think he likes knives. this looks like some antique piece, can i see it? amar says no, i don’t like these. someone was selling it in market. Amar says lets go home prem, i am really hungry. Prem goes to car, amar asks sid for the cover and takes the dagger with him.

Calendar says i don’t like roli locked up in house, but i had to stop her. pari says where are you coming from? Calendar says i was coming from home, i went to clean it. PAri says thats very good we need to clean the house. My friend’s sister in law seized all the property and they are all out of house now. can they live in your house? Uma says please give him the key. Simar says pari bhabi she can live in out other house where roli used to live. Pari says mata ji, prem, maa come here i wanna talk to you all.Pari says simar and roli are playing games with the whole family. When calendar left the house, i followed him. i saw roli at his house. simar says in heart this means she knows that roli is alive, thank God sid is not here. sid comes in and says one minute. pardon me this is your family matter, but as much as i know your sister i lost. then how she saw her at calendar’s place? i mean why would he conceal her there?

Precap-simar says i don’t know what she is saying. Pari says so you mean you don’t know where is roli? and you all trust her? aryan come in. aryan comes in with roli.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. pari u r such an uma and pari ka dream acha hai.they deserve it

  2. Ha ha …..u r rite pragna….

  3. But nw wat will happen even mausiji saw tat she is alive………

    1. me too thinking the same yaar

  4. maya will be back for bharadwaj house.she asks sorry for her mistake.and mataji excuse her.hmmm finally maya is back

  5. bt who z d mothr of r.v.singh??
    z it manoranjan mousi g???

  6. yes ankita its mausi ji

  7. R u sure its masuji ……how she can defeat her sister nirmala

  8. So pragna if Maya come back bw hse then every one will know d truth tat aryan is Sid and simar and roli did all tis to save him??????or again some lies and twist?????

    1. ☆pragna☆

      i dont know yesterdays sbb they showed about maya only and i think now simar,roli and maya will find rajveers truth and save sid from him.iam not sure just thinking it

  9. please any one if masuji is -ve character.

  10. In a spoiler, it’s mentioned that sid will recognise himself as sid and accept roli’s love. So what about that?

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