Sasural Simar Ka 2nd September 2016 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 2nd September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar says my daughter.. God please protect her. Piyush where would she be? We have to go to her. She leaves.
Anjali arrives at a place. Mahesh says come ma’am. Anjali says there is not house today. he says come come.
Simar says I have to go to Bahradwaj house. Piysuh says do you remember what happened last night. Rohan says you can get arrested. Simar says I don’t care about that atm. i have to find my Anjali and see if she is okay and i have to go to Bharadwaj house. piyush says we will come with you, Rohan says piyush is right. They leave.

Anjali says I will live here? Mahesh says this is what you get for that amount. And come see the room its good. Anjali enters the room and coughs. She says is this the room you gave me for 20k? Mahesh says it

is very difficult to get a room for a single who want to become actress. Anjali says what? Mahesh says 10 women like you come every day. Anjali says show me another room I can’t live here. He says this what you can get. Anjali says return the money. Mahesh says i told you clearly money can’t be refunded. Anjali says what? He says this is the way. You will get used to. He says i am leaving don’t forget me after becoming a star. Anjali says my foot. She coughs and tries to clean. Anjali says I should get fresh. i should meet Arjun’s brother.

Scene 2
Prem says there is no info yet. Mataji says call Simar she will find Simar. simar is her mother. She will find her daughter. Khushi says take her inside pari and
uma. Mataji says Simar is her mother. Prem says I am going police station. I can’t sit here idol. He leave.

Anjali takes the shower and comes out. She sees a lizard on bed. She screams and says i can’t live here for another day.
Jhanvi says maybe mataji is right. We should call simar. She might find Anjali. Khushi says are you going in Mataji’s direction as well. Whats the point of recalling her when we have forgotten her. Simar enters and says because humans can be forgotten but not relations. Jhanvi and Amar smile. Khushi says how dare you come here. get out of here we don’t need you. Simar says my daughter needs me and no one can take the right of worrying for her form me. Khushi laughs and says her family is here to worry for her and you are not part of this family. you are a stranger. So get out. Rajhinder says wait a minute. is that the way to talk to Simr. What is wrong with you. Khushi says Prem would have talked the same way. Simar says I am going in my Anjali’s room. Khushi says wait a minute. Khushi says I think you don’t remember that you can be arrested for being near Bharadwaj house. And if you try moving forward I will call cops. Simar says I am going do whatever you can. She tries to stop Simar but Rohan stops Khushi and says you go choti ma we won’t let anyone come between a mom and her daughter. Khushi says I won’t let her go. Piyush grasps her wrist. Piyush says I will see how you stop her. Pari says he is the same guy. piyush says I dont’ want to be loutish. but she has right to know about her daughter and no one can take that from her. Simar says when was the last time you talked to her Khushi. Khushi says I won’t tell you anything. Jhanvi says bhabhi.. simar smiles. Jhanvi says we didn’t see her since last night. she went to her room after dinner. Simar says thank you jhanvi and caresses her face. Simar says let me check her room.
Rajhinder says are you the same guy who works in Prem’s office? simar hears it.
Khushi says she brought thugs.. Rajhinder says they are not thugs. Piyush says we have to find anjali di. Rohan says we are just helping a mom find her daughter. Khushi says she is not her mom. She is about to slap Piyush. Rohan holds her hand and says don’t dare doing this mistake again.

Scene 3
Anjali is walking to the road with her bag. she says where will i go? Mohit is not picking up. Mohit picks. Anjali says hi i am your brother Arjun’s friend. I came to Mumbai can I meet you? He says I am texting you my address. Come here. Anjali says thank you so much. I am coming there.

Anjali meets Mohit. He says I am so sorry anjali I had a meeting. Anjali says please find me some work. He says I will get you work. But I have to go for a shoot for a week. I will call you back once I return. Anjali says thank you. He leaves.
Anjali says where would I go. I don’t have much cash. should I call KB? no she might tell dad.

Simar looks at Anjali’s picture. She says I will find you out. Simar says there is no clue. i should look somewhere else. She used to hide things under mattress. Simar finds an address of Mumbai. She says that means Anjali has gone to Mumbai.

Precap-Simar says I have to go to Mumbai to find my daughter. I feel like she is in trouble. I have to save her. Anjali is surrounded by thugs. Rohan says you will go there but with me and Piyush. I will arrange the tickets.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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