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Sasural Simar Ka 2nd September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mata ji says you wont go out. Amar says we have to go out and help simar. Mata ji says she is provoking us. Sunanda says real game is going outside and one of you will die. You wont be even able to do their funeral. Mata ji sees outside.
Mohini says to simar go save them. Simar says to woman please dont break this pot. them woman says who is she? Simar tries to stop people but they dont listen. she says i am simar. They say you are simar’s impersonator. Go from here. Sunanada say sitting here wont make a difference. Decide if you wanna go out and help her or not. Sujata says she is so clever she is playing a dual game.

Simar says why dont you understand. This woman is a witch she has locked my family members in these pots. Please stop these people. Mata ji says

we dont have another option. Amar go take out those pots and prem. They take prem out. Mata ji and everyone come out of the temple.
Simar looks at the women and shoves mohini. She steps on the women and goes up. Another woman steps up too. Mohini says lets see who reaches the pot first. Lets see who takes the prize. Simar takes the pot and embraces it.
Simar enters the house. Mata ji says say somethin what happened? Simar recalls mohini tripped and the pot slipped from her hands. It broke. Simar says it was in my hands. And i lost a life. This is not possible. sunanda says the game has just started simar. She has all the pots in her hands.

Simar looks at prem and says why you all came out? Why you crossed that boundary? Mohini says simar and smiles at her. She says this is your biggest defeat you saved the pot from being broken but that doesn’t mean you won from me. This is was just the first parth. Just see what I am going to do with rest of you. Everyone starts coughing. Simar looks back and sees that prem is not in her place.Mohini prem pots and amar are all no there. Sankalp says the main gate is locked from outside. Everyone is dazed to see Pari standing in front of them. Shallu asks pari are you okay? She says i was unconscious outside? What happened to me? Simar says pari was in that pot. And maybe she got this bruise because it broke. Then why mohini let pari live? Sujata hugs pari and says my daughter. Simar says thank God pari is okay. Sujata says you are okay. Pari says why are you all crying? Jhanvi goes to take first aid box. Jhanvi dresses pari’s bruise.
Phone rings simar picks up the call, its Mohini. she says as i promised i will return one pot i did. she was useless for me. I have what is useful for me. She looks at prem, she says i will keep telling you what to do next. I wont wait to beak rest of the pots. She hangs up. Mata ji says what did she say? Where is prem?

Precap-Pari says on to mohini simar has found a way to come to you. But i couldn’t listen to her. Mohini says what are you there for? shalu says you were talking to that witch? She throttles him and says if you tell anyone i will kill you.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Hai friends who is kakkar pls tell me

    1. simar real name dipika kakar.. kakar is her sur name..

    rashmi sharma telefims popular show sasural simar ka is all set to bring forth some more drama with its ongoing track.
    after the mohini(pratyusha banerjee), the viewers will get to see a new daayan on the show in the bharadwaj family.
    our source informs us, “in an upcoming track of the show, simar(dipika kakar) will divert mohini and her mother to another rich family. so they will soon leave the bharadwaj house butthe twist in tail will come here when pari(shweta sinha) will get possessed by mohini’s power and now she will turn into daayan. mohini will give all her powers to pari so that mohini will be able to trouble bharadwaj family and keep a tab on them even if she would be away from their lives.”
    “initially, pari acts like normally but very soon it will be revealed before the family that she has been possessed,” adds our source.
    when we contacted shweta sinha, she said, “yes it’s for the first time that i am playing this kind of roleand i am quite excited about it”.
    keep reading the space for more updates.

  3. wanna see simar and roli together in action

  4. please bring roli back

  5. Pari came out wen simar broked the pot or maya ussae phir zinda kya???

  6. sasural simar ka: dayan has become bad spirit after her deathand is targetting family members to achieve her motive. simar is crying as dayan is not leaving from their house. dayan get’s in pari’s body and warns simar that she will never leave her. everyone ties pari on the chair, while simar blames herself for the happenings. mataji consoles her and ask her to have strength. it will be intresting to see how simar breaks mohini’s moh jaal and save her family members.

  7. Anyone plz tellme,Is amar missing with prem?i missed this episode.

  8. Anyone plz tell me,Is amar missing with prem?i missed this episode.

  9. precap is super waiting to see pari acting… but i got doubt that mohini possess pari till the track end of september 20 or after that also pari toubles family ha.. when rosid will back … missing them

  10. Want rosid back

  11. Geo,her birth name is deepika i think kakkar may be her father.

  12. according to mohini if pot breaks down the soul in pot that the person will died.. when pari’s pot breaks down how she back?? is mohini use phirse jinda kiya?? or she back.. how pari back please tel me…

  13. is pari died and mohini use phirse jinda kiya?? when rosid back in ssk….. and is really pari turns into daayan?? please tel me.. reply me..

  14. Tis doubt oly I also have yaar…..

  15. Roli n’t come becoz she was busy in telugu films.

    1. according to her schedule she is in 15days for south and 15day mumbai in 15days 1week for holidays.. 8days for ssk shooting….. and ha avika told this news… and her 3movies in telugu completed released.. she signed for her next movie.. but movie not at started till now….

  16. S and Nina thanks for details

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