Sasural Simar Ka 2nd October 2015 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 2nd October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Indra asks simar where are amar and sid? Simar says they went to hospital. indra says what? mata ji tells her in hindi. indra says what for? Simar says sid was in pot, so for check up.
Simar says in heart i should call sid and ask if they have reached there or not. Simar says i should call doctor for jhanvi.

Sid and amar enter the house. Simar calls sid, he picks up. simar says did you reach? Sid says yes. Indra tries to her but she cant. simar says did you find any clue? Sid says not yet. We will let you know. simar comes out. Indra is standing in front of her. She asks what is it? simar says phone. indra says why you use it? simar says to talk. If he has the same device you can talk to him. Indra says how you hear them.

Sid and amar are rummaging through the

house. Sid sees blood on the wall. Sid picks up a paper from near the wall and he is shocked.
Simar says network is better there. Indra says what you mean? simar says the same sound waves. Satu comes out talking on phone. Indra sees him. simar says sound waves carry their voices and we hear them. Indra says why you use it in temple, why cant you use it here. Indra says he is talking that means there is network here then why you dont talk here. simar says maybe my phone has to be fixed.

Amar asks sid what happened, sid shows him the photo. its simar’s photo in ancient attire. Amar recalls simar says she was scared seeing my face. Amar says to sid yes simar told me.. They hear anklet. Amar says indra is in bharadwaj house then who is it?

Simar says indrawati ji.. mata ji says what happened simar? Simar says i looked everywhere for her she is nowhere. Is she doubting us? What is she is there with amar and sid.
Amar and sid hide. Amar says this noise is coming near us. Indra enters the house. Amar says what is she doing here? Indra looks around. Sid and amar are hidden under the table. Indra says if someone is here come out. maybe i will forgive, if you deceit me consequence will be terrible. Sid and amar i know you are both here. Come in front of us.
Simar says should i call? Mata ji says yes. Simar calls sid. Sid’s phone beeps, he cuts it. Indra stops.

Precap-Indra says why are you all worried? simar says you went somewhere so we were worried. indra says i went where sid and amar did.

Update Credit to: Atiba


    • NINA

      hai dear,after that simar and mataji pray for sid and amar and at that time sid and amar escape from there and enter into a temple .sid calls simar and says they are safe.indravathi reaches baradwaj family and ask why they are so tensed.simar says they are looking for indravathi………IN PRECAP sid gives prasad to everyone and special prasad to simar.simar sees her own photo in ancient attire

  1. Nandhini

    Wow! Old times lady indravati is so pretty and genious… she double-cross questioned simar about mobile ntwrk and made her nervous..!!

  2. lovepreet

    plz plz plz can any1 xplain what is the link b/w mohini’s death and life of indra .indra hi kyu jinda hui nd can any1 tell me the dagger story again plz
    actually i have nt watched the episodes nd jst had read out deese updts..

    • fdg

      one swamy ji tells simar that if mohini’s blood falls on the dagger then no one can control the circumstances going to take place . later when simar threatens to kill mohini’s mother, mohini kills herself with the dagger and her blood falls on it . soon mohini turns into ashes . simar recalls swamy ji’s words and thinks there is some connection between ashes and dagger . she also recalls swamy ji saying this dagger is made by an ancient king to kill a witch in those timesand thinks to search for it on internet where they find indra’s story on a painting .later they find the place where the painting was kept and bring that painting home . finally to our sorrow one fine day sorry one bad day that indra comes out of the painting to everyones surprise. and there starts the drama of our beautiful dancing witch

      hope you understood it

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