Sasural Simar Ka 2nd October 2013 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 2nd October 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 2nd October 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Janvi’s proposal has come. They says that we just lack a daughter my son chose just Janvi from all the photos. The man says we will be so happy to be your relatives. They ask to call Janvi. Sujata asks Simar to make Janvi ready by her hands. Simar says don’t you worry our Janvi is so pretty that they can’t say no. Sujata says that they are such h a good family and the boy is nice as well. Simar says okay let me bring her.

Sceen 2
Janvi is getting ready in her room she still remembers Shaureya saying i need you only you can tell me the difference between right and wrong. Her door knocks she opens but nobody is there. She realizes that its the window knocking. But who can be there. She get a racket. She is so afraid. She open the window Shaureya is

standing there. They both stop for a while. Simar is coming upstairs. Janvi asks what are you doing here ? Please go, he jumps in instead. I am asking you to go. Shaureya says i have never felt like this for someone i have never beeen mad like this before. He heds towards her she is stepping backward. She back against the wall. He gets closer to her and says I love you. She is unable to says anything. He is getting more closer when Simar opens the door. Simar is taken aback. She shouts, Janvi. They are all startled. Janvi throws Shaureya away. Simar asks what is all this janvi. Shaureya singhaniya how dare you to enter our house and to come here in janvi room. Shaureya says i came from the pipe. Simar asks what else do you want from janvi now? He responds i love janvi.

Scene 3
Sujata and all the people and busy serving the guests. They ask to bring janvi. Sujata says they must be coming. Mausi ji says look Gaurav ‘s attention is somewhere else. Mata ji asks her to stay quiet. She says please bring Janvi. Achna comes in and says it takes a lot of time to get ready these day. There are a lot of creams but there is still something called natural beauty look at my daughter pari. I made her massage of almond and she used to bath with milk all the time. Mata ji sends Roli upstairs.

Scene 4
Shaureya says that this is true i love her so much i can’t live withour her. Simar says first you spoiled her life get her fired and now today. Get out before i call everyone. Shaureya says no i wont go i know i have made so many mistakes but i wont go until i don’t get to know whats i her mind know. Please try to understand me. Simar says Janvi can never be in any relationship with an arrogant and rich guy like you.
shaureya says janvi i wana hear from you. Do you love me or not? Simar says don’t impose your feelings on her. Lets go downstairs janvi. a really nice guy is waiting there for you. Janvi says lets go. Shaureya says you can go but i won’t leave until you don’t answer. Simar says go from the way you came. Its a really happy day for this family and i wont let anyone come in between. Shaureya says you have to accept your love janvi.

Precap: Janvi sees a letter in her room written with blood. It says that the girl i love is getting marride to somebody else i don’t wanna live. And you will responsible for my death…

Update Credit to: Atiba

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