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Scene 1
Inspector calls Simar and tells her everything. SImar says are you sure? It could be that guy’s game? He says no. Simar tells this to Piyush. Piyush says don’t worry you have to handle Vadahi as well. Simar says there is a hope left. Piyush says photos? Simar says yes. Once we have them we will know who is behind it all.
Simar is working mataji comes and gives her arti. SImar says Piyush asks Vadahi to come as well. Mataji says yes no one should be sad on diwali. Vadhi is decorating her room with a mala. Piyush comes to call her. She slips. Piyush holds her. The mala falls on his shoulder. Vadhai says your shoulder.. He says you scared me.
Roshni calls Piyush and wishes him diwali. She says will you come to party? Roahn isn’t here as well. Piyush says

I will come. She says I will wait for you. Piyush says I will come. Piyush says to vadahi you look good while smilin. She gives the arti plate to him and says give this to simar aunty. He says you have to come to pooja as well. SHe wants you to celebrate as well. Will you come? Vadahi says yes I will. Piyush leaves.

Simar is preparing the dias. Prem looks at her, simar looks back. She burns her hand. Prem says simar.. what you do. where was your focus. Did it burn much? They look at each other. Prem stands up. Simar touches his feet. Jhanvi comes and says mataji says called you for the pooja.
The pooja starts. Mataji asks simar and prem to do the pooja together. Vadahi sees a phone ringing. she says someone’s phone is ringing. It can be important. She picks up the phone. Anjali comes and takes her phone from Vadahi. Its Vikram’s call. Anjalu says how dare you.. It was my fiance’s call. Mind your own business. Mataji gives arti to Vadahi as well. Everyone enjoys sweets. Vadahi helps Piyush with preps. THey look at each other. Piyush gets a call from roshni. Piyush says I am coming. He says to Simar I am going to Kapoor uncle’s home. SImar says wish everyone from my side as well. Rajhiner says lets play firecrackers. Anjali says I wish I could go to Vikram’s diwali party. KB says call him. Anajali says he called when I called back he didn’t pick up. Vikram calls. She says happy diwali. Vikram says anajli I called you because there is a diwali party my friends want to meet you. Anjali says what about you? He says of course me too. He says get ready. call me when you are done. I will pick you up.
Anjali tells KB. KB says wow. Anjali is shy. KB says ask prem once. Just to show. Anjali tells prem Vikram invited her to diwali party.Prem says its okay you can go. Anjali says thanks dad. Prem says mataji is giving gifts to everyone take it. mataj says yes don’t leave without taking it.

Sumit calls ROhan and wishes her. Roshni is waiting for Piyush. Rita says he didn’t come? Roshni says he is on his way. Rita says I told hyou he will come. wait for him. Mataji says to SImar i am so lucky that I have you and Piyush. This is your gift. Where is Piyush? I want to give him the gift. SImar says he will come back soon. Anjali says mataji give me my gift I have to get ready. Mataji gives the gift to her. Anjali says thank you mataji. Mataji says she is so childish still. Mataji gives Vadahi gift as well. Vadahi says why for me? Simar says don’t you celebrate diwali? you never say no to the gifts elders give you.
Mataji says simar after anjali’s wedding start looking for Piyush’s as well. Simar says he is so young i didn’t think about it yet. Mataji says girl who will get a man like piyush.
Sattu says where do we sent the sweets? Mataji says send to Vikram’s house as well. Mataji asks Vadahi to have dinner with them. she says this girl bore so much in this age. God won’t pardon the person who did this with her. Vadhai leaves the house while Vikram enters. They couldn’t see each others face. Vadahi’s gift falls. Vikram stops.

Precap-Simar says Vikram is coming to drop Anjali but where is Piysuh. Rita mixes something in Piyush’s drink. Simar says why am I so worried. Rita makes Piyush and Roshni sleep on one bed while they boht are unconscious.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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