Sasural Simar Ka 2nd May 2016 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 2nd May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Prerna is looking for sid’s phone. He says what are you looking for? She says I was just changing sheet. He says you escaped last time. Wont happen again. Don’t mess. Prerna runs out. She says show me a way God. I have to save Simar.
Chanda is in balcony she says as soon as you come your family will kill you. I will shatter your family.
Everyone sits for breakfast, doorbell rings. Prem says let me check. Chanda says sid is standing he will check. Sid says yeah sure. He opens the door. Its not simar. Prerna says thank God. Its the milk man, he gives the bill and leaves.
Prerna recalls she wrote danger don’t come on paper and placed it outside the doorstep. Simar saw it and stopped there. Simar says there must be something wrong. She ran after ringing

the bell. Prerna says in heart this means simar got my message.

Chandaa says to that woman how simar fooled me again? I saw her coming towards house. Then didn’t she come? Did someone warn her? Is someone helping her? She has to answer me all this.
Sujata says thank God simar you didn’t go inside that house. Prerna comes and says simar I saw you coming towards house. What happened that you changed your mind? Simar says I walk on the path God made. Its was God’s will. Prerna says this is impossible. Because sometimes, our weakness becomes power and vice versa. Anjali comes downstairs. Maani goes towards her. Simar says don’t touch her. Maani says you know what will happen if I touch her. Simar says please no. Maani holds anjali’s hand. Simar screams. Anjali freezes and becomes statur. Simar says leave her please. Maani says If you wanna save her then tell me who is helping you. Anjali says mama I can’t move. Anajali says mama save me please. Simar says in heart I can’t take prerna’s names. Maani says you are a selfish mom. What are you all made of? Simar says I beg you leave my daughter. Maani says i will once you tell me the name. You are worst mom. How can you see your daughter this way. Anajali is crying. Maani says you don’t have much time. Your daughter will become a statue. she will lifeless, never will be able to talk. is that what you want? You can keep her anywhere. Sujata says simar do something. Prerna says she won’t. She only wants to win. she cares about win more than her daughter. Simar says don’t do this please. Sujata says please don’t do this.. Prerna. Everyone is dazed. Simar says why did you tell her maa. Sujata says please leave anjali. She says she won’t anyway. Simar says I will, I keep my word. She leaves anjali and releases her. Anjali can move again. anjali runs to simar. Sujata says are you okay?
Maani says one more thing simar, your friend Prerna, won’t be safe anymore. Simar says please don’t do anything to her. Punish me. Maani says now see what I do to her. You dodged me with her. You insulted me and burned me. You gave me this scar, and still you fooled me. Now see what I do. I will forget all rules now.

Precap-Police raids at Mata ji’s house and finds a lot of money. Sid proves that prerna brought money in the house and is an agent of the rival party. Chanda says this is all my fault.I should be punished. mata ji points gun at prerna and says she should be punished.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  2. Ranaji (EDKV Fan)

    I like pic of this show very much.. But track should be changed. Pls bring roli back.. Geo there is voot app on play store from that all u can find all epi of ssk..

  3. this isn’t sasural simar ka. this is sasuraal bhoot ka

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