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Sasural Simar Ka 2nd March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mata ji sees blood and says this will be useful for her. Door knocks, she opens its Simar. Mata ji says are you an owl? Don’t you sleep. Simar says I brought blanket for you. Mata ji says go from here. Simar drops the feather there. Mata ji says go from here. Simar says in heart if mata ji sees it she will call me back. Simar knocks again. Mata ji says will you let me sleep? Simar says do you need another blanket? Mata ji says go from here. Simar points at the feather and says let me clean your room. Mata ji says I can do it myself. She picks the feather. Mata ji throws it out of her room and says good night.

Chantu says to little bride I know what you are scared of, she scares her with fire. Choti dulhan screams. Chantu says do you wanna be freed? Go and bring blood

for me. Little bride says no. Malti says you are saying no to me because of that simar? she will kill you now.
Simar says this feather must be active now. It will go where Mataji will go and I will know what she wants. Why is it not changing direction? The feather starts moving. simar follows it. It takes simar to devika’s house. Simar says the door should have been locked? Simar goes in. Mata ji is busy digging. The feather goes there. Simar hears some noise, she comes out of home. Simar sees Sanju on balcony. She is dazed. Sanju says should I jump? Simar says sanju please go down. What are you doing there? Sanju says I feel good here. Choti bride is next to her, she smiles. Sanju say she is my friend. Chantu forces little bride to shoves sanju. Simr says I am coming upstairs. Little bride shoves sanju.

Sanju comes simar holds her. Everyone comes out. Pari says how it happened? Simar says she was playing up. Sanju opens her eyes.Simar says are you okay? She hugs her. Khuhsi says at least she is conscious. Simr says lets take her in.
Prem dresses sanju’s foot. Mata ji says I hav said everyone to sleep around 10 now see what happened. That simar. Leela says calm down they are already worried. Mata jo takes sanju with her. Simar says where is sanju? Pari says mata ji is doing her dressing. simar knocks the door. Mata ji siringe out her blood. Sanju is crying. simar says mata ji open the door, sanju needs me. Prem says please open. Prem breaks the door they all come in.

Precap-Simar is doing sanju’s dressing. simar says was someone around you? Choti dulhan gives blood to malti.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Wht Nonsense why the director are dragging the story like this.
    plz end this serial soon with a Good ending.
    the starting year was sooo good but the middle year was sooo bad and plz end this serial with
    a good end soon

  2. Non sense serial….what all black magic and spirits ka non sense..stop it these head ache serial

  3. Stop this nonsense

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