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Sasural Simar Ka 2nd June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sattu says for our kids let us stay here mausi ji, dont take their home from them. Sankalp sits in her feet and says please let us stay here. Mausi ji kicks him and says this is not an asylum. She shoves pari outside. khushi says you know how loyal i am.. Mausi ji says stop it you were not even loyal to your family. Mausi says i dont want to see any of there near this house, you got that aryan. This house and everything is mine from now. Aryan check if they are taking something from here. A neighbor says prem has made mata ji face all this in this age. no one should see days like these. Prem says in heart how can i stop all this. Rajveer says everyone is not as talented as you prem. and this is the beginning, i wont kill any of your family members but they will scare to live. i want

to do a favor on you. Only 15 minutes are left, you are ready to bet on your precious thing, that is simar then i wont kick your family out.

A woman says to mausi ji how can you do this to your sister she did so much for you. We wnt let this injustice happen to her. Rajveer says if you are ready to play the last game then come with me or stand here and face this. prem sees his family in the miserable condition. Pari says mata ji why should we face the mistake others did. So much is happening in front of your eyes and you are doing nothing. prem recalls mata ji touching mausi ji’s feet and how she took her room. He says i cant let this happen, i have to talk to rajveer. mata ji says no one will say a word. A neighbor says you can come and live in our house. mausi ji says mrs. Sharma all the problems will come with them to your house as well. The neighbor says we are not scared of anyone, come with us mata ji. Mata ji says i am sorry but we can’t come with you. Don’t get me wrong. i am grateful for what you are doing for us but we don’t want to get you in trouble, you should go your house and leave us like this.

prem comes to rajveer. rajveer laughs and says i thought you wont come but i shall appreciate your courage. sid comes in, rajveer says aryan you are not needed here go and make sure no one come in. Sid leaves. Rajveer says ready for the third bet? prem says i cant do this. rajver says what are you saying? this third bet can get you everything back i know its difficult for you but you have to do this for your family. you might win as well. you will get everything back. i wont force you if you dont wanna play. prem says stop it. I am ready to play it.

Pari says if our husbands did what prem did, Mata ji would never have pardoned them. Simar says in heart prem shouldn’t listen to this. where is he? Rajveer starts the next game. He says start it prem.
Simar says roli where is prem? I am afraid if he has gone to rajveer. roli says he wont trust rajveer. simar says i am scared. We have to stop prem. roli says i will ask sid, he will find out where is prem.
roli asks sid where is prem? sid says he is with rajveer, rajveer talked about some chance. roli says please try to know what is going on inside.

Prem continues his game, prem puts his card on the table.

Precap-Shalu asks his pal if they can come to his place with his wife. ata ji is in tears. prem continues his game.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. new entry playing role of rajkumari princess who will control the lives of people around her. princess who is 90yrs old but with help of some secret items presents herself in 20’s. her character is quite mysterious and adds an element of thrill to the storyline. her character portrayed as wealthy and elegant woman. who is arrogant and bossy.she is very powerful and willing to go to any length to protect her secrect. her entry will be with via sword fight with siddanth.

  2. Hate prem!! How can he do this… He can face da prob with his family also!!

    1. hi annah, He can but rajveer gave him two options one to put simar in game or I will use my naag mani so prem had to take this step there was no other option right

      1. Ya prads but putting his own wife on stake!! How can he?? And vaise bhi rajveer wants prem to put simar on stake datz y he is scaring prem by saying all this….n prem shud understand!! 🙁

  3. Will tis entry be positive or negative???will she help mataji or mausiji???

    1. dont know.. but think she helps mj… and rajveer

  4. i think roli helping sid in jaipur to know about rajkumari and here maya and mataji helping simar… what you think guys?? plz tel me..

  5. sattu is not having any kid then why he should asking to mj for their kids.. even premar have but they didnt asked na?

  6. when mj send them all out by seeing this sid is crying… cant see premar and rosid mataji like this.. sid is helpless in this situation.

  7. neibhours blaming prem and they supports mataji.. they thinks only prem did wrong whats this… its not fair….

  8. rajveer dokha they rahe hai… how rosim tackle this situation to get there property back… uma khushi and pari always like this only… want to end this rajveer track asap.. when this rajveer track will come to an end???/

  9. U r right this track S boring yaar

  10. new entry is vamp??? how sid tackle with her in sword fight and why she came in rosim life… she protect her secret present in 20’s of 90yr old age lady.. how it is possible…. illogical things why they show…? how its possible…

  11. they said the ssk showcase to mahabharat track.. so from wher this princess comes in this track.. what they want to show actually? then why ssk writers telling its mahabharata track… its not mahabarat track..

  12. in today episode rajveer will ask sid to go to jaipur for his important work… in tmrw episode rosid go to jaipur.. and on friday new entry will happend..

  13. get ready for some rosid romantic moments in ssk:
    the media already told that sayantani ghosh being roped in role for rajkumar rajeshwari in ssk.
    now in the upcoming episodes , rajkumari will mark her entry with a sword fighting sequence with siddanth.
    a source informs” rajkumari will call sid to test his fighting abilities and will challenge him to win a sword fight against her. siddanth will fight the game with a lot of safety as he would not wnt to hurt the queen and in this bargain, he will end up hurting himself ”
    rajkumari impressed with siddanth capability to sword fight will show concern for him and will ask him to put up her in palace for the night.
    now this is the time where the show will introduce some cute rosid moments much to the amazing viewers!
    siddanth will help roli to sneak into the palace and they will be seen sharing a romantic bonding where she would apply medication to siddanth who has hurt himself in the sword fight.
    an actor on the condition of anonymity conformed “rajkumari has called siddanth to test his abilities for a reason and that is something the viewers will have watch out for. for, the moment there will be a lot more romantic sequences between roli and siddanth but i cannot disclose any information as of now.
    stay tuned watch the episodes

  14. Thnx fr d future stry sanfhya? Is jaipur rani will fall in love with our sid? If u knw means rply yaar

    1. dont know about this news … but i heard to test ability of sid with fight some reason is there to bring sid to jaipur this only gave…. and one more thing actual she is 90yr old with some magical powers she protect as 20’s and she couldnt let any0ne about her. and now she is dominate with bw pariwaar.. have to see why she called sid there.

    2. in segmnt her introduction i saw when she fight with sid they show once her eyes in green colour… is she is also have green eyes… what is there reason behind her entry?? will the new entry bring any positive twist in the show? is she having or cvs will show her also having green eyes..

  15. Sry sandhya fr typed ur name wrongly

  16. tdy sbb segmnt i saw when maya intervenes , rajveer controls maya with his naagmani … how it possible… is maya cant do anything from now onwards or only for that time maya cant do anythng.. or totally rajveer controls maya in his hands…??? what happend with maya is she helps mataji and simar or she will not help … tel me anyone..

  17. Thnks dr sandhya fr ur reply

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