Sasural Simar Ka 2nd July 2017 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 2nd July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1

Roshini says there are many people I know but no one helps in difficult time but I wont lose hope. Roshini calls Rina and says I need job, do you know something? Rina says you have contacts, Roshini says I gave interviews today but didnt get anything. Rina says people need nanny or governace for their kids and house, would you do it? Roshini thinks Simar did it too in difficult times, Roshini says there is no work less important and right now I want to help Piyush so I will do it,Rina says okay send me your CV. Roshini ends call and sends her CV.

nanya searches for servant on website, Pari, Khushi and Umi are there. They check list of servants, Ananya stops list and says whose name did I see? they are shocked to see Roshini’s application for maid’s job. Khushi says

how this can be? Roshini Bharadwaj wants servant’s job? call her now, Umi says Ananya what are you thinking? call her. Pari says strange, Simar’s over qualified daughter in law used to handle business here and now wants maid’s job. Ananya says you want me to call her after throwing her out with much difficulty, Pari says remember how she insulted you? this is your chance to show her place and standard and its not like she will come here so lets have time pass. Umi says just call her, Ananya selects Roshini’s profile.

Roshini prays to God and gets message,she sees she is selected for maid’s job, she is shocked to see that Bharadwaj family has selected her.

Simar and Mataji calls Samir and Sanjana. Mataji says we think you both remain happy with each other. Anjali comes near door and hears Mataji’s proposal. Mataji says to Samir and Sanjana that you both care for each other. Simar says Sanjana says we have seen you smiling after so much time. Mataji says we were thinking if you both agree then we would give marriage proposal to Samir for you Sanjana, they are stunned. Anjali thinks that my life is unsettled and they are trying to set Sanjana, till my life is not stable, I wont let this Sanjana to get settled. Mataji says you both would remain friends and decision is yours, Samir says excuse me, Sanjana goes behind him too, Mataji says they look cute together.

Samir and Sanjana are in room, they sit on bed and steal glances, Sanjana says sway something, Samir says this is big decision and says I cant say anything, what do you think? Sanjana says I am confused too, this is too sudden, Samir says I will ask you one question, you answer is honestly, she nods. Samir says do you like me? she says ofcourse I like you,you are my best friend. Samir says I am asking about more than friendship liking, have you seen me that way? she says I dont know, have you seen me that way? he says honestly yes, I really like you but didnt get chance to say it, when I am with you I dont want to go away, we laugh and enjoy together, can we move ahead from friendship? dont you like me? Sanjana says I like you but this is big decision, I need more time, he says alright, there is no money for thinking so you think about it, he smiles and leaves.

Scene 2
Simar opens door and is shocked to see Roshini there. Simar says Roshini you? come inside.Mataji comes there too. Roshini is about to touch her feet but Mataji stops her, Roshini touches Simar’s feet, Simar blesses her and asks where is Piyush? everything fine? Roshini says I have come here for job, Simar says what job? Ananya comes there and says job of maid. Mataji says what rubbish is this? Ananaya says Simar asked me to search online for maid, I gave my requirement and they sent Roshini as she must have applied for it. Pari says if she had little honor then she wouldnt be coming here, Umi says your husband was talking about honor and respect and now you are here? Pari says she wants to become maid of our house so that people insult us. Mataji says enough, Roshini is daughter in law of this house and she wont become maid here. Pari says one minute, if she wants to do job then whats the problem in it? Umi says she is daughter in law of this house but if she wants to do job then whats the problem? Pari says its better if she works here, if she do jobs in some other houses then it will be insulting for us and Ananya needs her. Mataji says dont say rubbish, she wont do it, Roshini says no Mataji, I desperately need this job, she folds her hands and thinks Maa dont say no, atleast I would be close to you this way. Mataji says no one listens to me anymore in this house, do what you all want, Mataji leaves, Simar tries to talk to Roshini but Pari says we will discuss her salary, you go. Ananya says to Pari that we threw her out with difficulty, is it good to bring her back? Pari says we will insult her so much that she would runaway herself. Umi asks Roshini to go in kitchen and cook. Roshini leaves. Umi says to Pari that we will have good time pass,we will find ways to torture this Roshini, Ananya smirks.

Aarav says business is still in loss. Samir comes there and says dont you want to do something? aarav says I dont know how to start. Samir says I have big plan, he tells him about partnership for new business, Aarav says I need investment, Roshini says investment will come from London but they will invest in our idea once we show them property, we have to give them property papers for liability, as partner I will give my London’s property papers to them. Ananya comes there and asks what is going on? Samir tells her about new business too,Ananya says this is great plan, you should say yes, Aarav says then its yes from me, Ananya says I will bring coffee.

Roshini is working in kitchen, Khushi comes there and says you are still working in kitchen? you have to sweep house too, you are servant here not princess. Ananya comes there and asks Roshini to make coffee fast, leave all work and do it, Roshini says I will make it. Khushi says first clean house, Roshini says I will start sweeping, Ananya says first make coffee, Khushi says cant you move fast? Ananya says these poor people are like this, Khushi says start working like maid here, leave, Roshini leaves. Ananya thinks now it will be fun when I will show Roshini her real place.

PRECAP- Anjali says if I show Sanjana as low character girl infront of Samir then he would say no to marriage. Anjali sees Samir passingby her room, she starts crying holding her feet, he asks what happened? she says I was trying to take box from cupboard, Samir says I will get it for you, he takes out box and find letter there too, he reads it and says Sanjana hided such big thing from me, Anjali smirks.
Roshini is mopping lounge. Ananya sees Aarav coming there, floor is wet. Ananya runs to Aarav to stop him from coming there and she slips because of wet floor, Aarav screams Ananya and rushes to her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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    where is roshinis mum? y cant roshini go and join with her mum?who the hell this ananya? KB and Team should leave this bharatraj House. mathaji should write this house simar and Roshinis name.

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