Sasural Simar Ka 2nd July 2016 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 2nd July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Anjali comes in Simar’s room and says Prerna aunty wasn’t making good drawing so i came to you. Prerna says sorry Simar and Kamiya. she came here. Kamiya says she is a kid but you are responsible. I said no one will disturb don’t you understand. Simar says Kamiya.. Kamiya says I am very sorry Prerna. When I do yoga I get very serious. I am very sorry. Prerna says I understand.

Mahmaya and her witches are doing dance. Mahamaya says for the one who drinks human blood as first meal of the day, who can resist his powers?
Simar wakes up from her sleep. Simar says what is happening to me.
They hear some voice from simar’s room. Prem runs upstairs. Mata ji says what happened? She hugs simar. Prem says are you okay?Simar says I don’t feel good.

I dont know whats happening. mata ji asks jhanvi to bring water. Jhanvi gives her water. Mata ji says lie here. You will be better. Prem says should she be treated? Mata ji says she should rest.

Simar is sleeping. Prem dresses Anajali for her school. Kamiya says let me help you. You look cute taking care of anjali. Kamiya brushes her and says you know a sibling is coming to you. What you want a brother or sister? Anjali says I have a sister so I want a brother. Kamiya says it will be a brother. Kamiya pins handkerchief on her uniform. It nibs her. Prem says show me. Kamiya says its okay. Prem says let me clean it.
Anjali says bye mama, mama is asleep. I should say bye to brother. He must be asleep. She says bro i am going to school. Bye. She slips. Anjali starts crying. Kamiya says Kaal must have done this. Mata ji comes and says why are you crying anjali. Kamiya says she was saying bye to simar and slipped. Simar wakes up and says Anjali come here. Anjali says I won’t come. You shoved me. You dont love me. Mataji says dont say that. go to mama. Simar says why Anjali sid that. Mata ji says she won’t even remember after coming from school. Simar says I feel agitated. Uma says this happens. Pari says this can be a bad eye. Mataji says yeah maybe. Bring red spices from temple Khushi says I am going for work with sid and prerna. Mataji reads mantra. Kamiya says I have to tell maa about this for which I need to take out this needle from the door.
Mataji says there is some bad eye on her. I hope she gets well. Kamiya says they don’t know what reality is.
Mata ji gives Simar parsad. Simar eats it.
mahamaya says there is something wrong. Mahamaya says Kaal’s life is in danger. Simar is ruining Kal’s powers with mataarani’s. if that happened why Kamiya didn’t tell me? That means Kamiya is in trouble too. I have to weaken mata rani’s powers otherwise Kaal won’t be safe in her womb.
Kamiya says where are you going Anjali? Anjali says i am going to play with my friends. Kamiya says what games can you play? anjali names the games. Kamiya says can you take out that needle in the door? Anjali says yes. she takes out the needle.

Precap-A witch comes near Simar when she is asleep. Simar is surrounded by all the witches as they do their dance. Kamiya sits in her place in bed, next to prem so he doesn’t know simar is not there.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. The person who said is really correct.I am a die heart swasan fan but i like raglak also.I also want all fan to be united.Pls don’t taunt swasan fan or even swasan to raglak sometimes it hurts sometimes us.

  2. No. 1 bakwaas serial of indian television next to balika vadhu

  3. Seriously I can’t stop laughing.’s not a supernatural story it’s a comedy show. .especially mahamaya dancing scene. So stupid

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