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Sasural Simar Ka 2nd July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Anjali is running, a car comes. Anjali stops it and says aunty please stop the car and help me. They are after me, i wanna go home. Thugs come. They say madam if you want to stay alive give us the girl. Two cars come, the thugs get scared and leave. The woman makes anjali sit in her car and leaves.
simar is praying. doorbell rings. They all run to the door, simar says i hope they are my daughters. When prem opens the door, its anjali. Prem hugs her they are all grateful. simar says where is sanju? prem goes out and tries to stop the car but she doesn’t. prem says who was this woman? how she left anjali here? anjali doesn’t even know the address? how did she know that she had to drop her here. simar asks anjali where is sanju? Prem says she is not outside. prem says

how she dropped her here? inspector says prem you should come to station with us. prem says simar i will bring sanju back home. He leaves. Sid says i am coming with you as well.

simar says she is equally mine, as anjali. Anjali says i wanted to help anju but they were coming so i ran. roli says sanjina will come as well. Roli says i am taking her to her room, jhanvi please bring her something to eat.
Mata ji says when kid is hurt mom can’t bear it. i know what you are going through simar. Dont ignore anjali. i mean, she needs you. She is scared only you can help her with it. Hug her, she will feel better. Sujata sats God will protect Sanju.

Mata ji says prem and sid should have come by now. They see prem and sid coming in with cops. simar looks out and says where is sanju? She says you went to bring her. how could you come without her. Prem says we looked everywhere but couldn’t find her. Simar says you wont have looked properly. She starts crying. Simar says God please dont punish my daughter like this please bring her back home. inspector says we have given her picture on all the checkposts. Phone rings. The kidnapper says to simar have yu arranged the money? she says yes. He says come to RK mill alone with the money. Go inside the mill and place the bag near closed door. Go out of the mill. you will wait near your car, if you try to be clever you will never meet her. simar says we wont do anything, please dont do anything do my daughter. let me talk to her, they hang up. prem says you are doing a mistake, cops will bring her back. Mata ji says let simar do what she wants. mata ji says you dont have to worry about money i will give you 50 lac. Simar says i am bringing my jewelry. Mata ji says no you dont need to, rajhinder sujata come with me to take the money. Simar says sanju is your responsibility God until we reach her. mata ji gives simar money and says nothing will happen to her. simar leaves with the money. Prem and inspector try to stop her but she sits in the car and leaves.

Precap-inspector says usually in such cases they kill the child. Simar reach the mill.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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    1. U r correct no comment about this serial

  1. Who is tat lady?????is she rajkumari or someone else?????

  2. Please stop the serial .so boring

  3. This serial Air on in last 5 years…..
    how long……..

  4. Love u simar all the best for jhalak dhikilaja jha and also for vivian

  5. first i thought she is rajkumari but whwn i saw in sbs segment fatafat express the lady is not rajkumari.. but who is she? is she new entry or anything else.. when the kidnapers talk in phone to unknown person and telling that boss who is he/ and how the lady knows bw house address… its mysterious….

    1. I also thought the same, I think rajveer n mausi must have kidnapped them to take revenge

  6. No not mausi she is in jail, only rajveer

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