Sasural Simar Ka 2nd July 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 2nd July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Roli places the diary there. Dinesh says I should tell sir that we have the diary now. She sits back In the car. Aditi is here already. Roli is sacred. Aditi says I thought that you shouldn’t come alone so I came. Rli says thanks for coming.

Karthik says you are intelligent you agve the dairy back. ROli says I know some men must be here to tell you. Karthik says I like intelligent people its easy to make them understand things. Forget all you read in that dairy and I will warn you fro las time. Roli says aditi these people are so clever. I have to make simar didi aware about all this.

Sid and prem come home. Sid says serve us the tea as well. MAusi ji says surbhi has made the tea. SHe is the best daughter in law. Surbhi says you like egg plant prem ji ? Sid says

no he hates it. She asks what he likes then ? Si says eh like reddish ? Surbhi says what ? Okay I will learn how to make it. They all laugh. Sid says we were just pulling your leg. Egg plant is our favorite. Simar aslo.. Surbhi says no problem I have made it. Maybe its not better than simar but I have just tried.

Scene 2
Roli says I should tell didi first. She calls at the landline. Karthik attends the call. Roli cuts the call. She says I shouldn’t talk to anybody else but di. It may create problems for her.
Sid is looking for roli.

Scene 3
He sees that uma is running after Anjali and asking her to eat the food. Uam says I will give you the chocolate. uam says we will pray first. They pray. Anjali takes the chocolate from her. Sid says run Anjali. Uma says sid you let her go. He says I will make her eat the food. You should feed Aarav.

There Khushi is asking pratham to take the milk. She says you have more problems than your age. Roli comes in. Anjali comes to her. She says we are playing. Sid asks roli where were you ? Roli says I was in kitchen. I was looking for the tomatoes outside. Khushi wonders why roli lied ? SHe was out for so long. Khushi says there is something wrong. I have to keep my eyes and ears open.

Anjali throws her ball out and follows it.

Scene 4
Karthik is on a video call with dinesh. he says show me this diary. All the pages are blank. karthik says she has changed the dairy maybe. sHe has made a mistake. She should be ready to face the consequences.
Roli calls on that number again. Siamr receives. Roli says didi. Simar is In tears. She says roli.. Then she looks at the picture of vikran and Anjali. SHe recalls vikran telling her that he will destroy whoever comes between his family’s happiness. Siamr says why you called here ? Roli says I have something important to tell you. Baa comes there. siamr is about to disconnect. baa says no continue the call we will talk later. Simar says yes tell me. Roli starts telling her from the very beginning. she tells about meeting aditi and diary and that call. Roli says don’t tell anyone until we figure out who they are. Take care of yourself. Simar says we don’t need a credit card just to pretend in front of baa. Roli says take care of your self.
Baa says I came here to tell you that sanju has not taken anything. She is in vikran’s room take her and make her eat something. SIamr recalls everything roli said. She recalls roli telling that sunnaina didn’t die in the accident. She goes up and sees sanju with vikran. She remembers how vikran blackmailed her and Brough her here. She thinks is vikran behind all this ? Why he blamed roli when sunnaina didn’t die in the accident. I have ro figure truth out.

Scene 5
Khushi comes to roli and asks is the dinner ready ? Roli says yea. Khushi says you neither sid’s bady nor your anniversary is near. Roli says I know that. Khsuhi says why are you planning the surprise then ? Roli says I am not planning any surprise. Khsuhi says why you lied to sid then that you were in kitchen when you came from outside.

precap- simar calls roli. Roli is crying. Simar asks what happened ? Roli says they have kidnapped anjali

Update Credit to: Atiba

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