Sasural Simar Ka 2nd January 2017 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 2nd January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Vikram recalls her time with Anjali. He recalls Saroj going to jail. He recalls all her lies. Anjali calls him. He sees her missed calls. He calls her back. Anjali says please take me from here. I miss you I can’t live without you. vikram says I asked you not to call me. Because of you everyone is hurt. Anjali says I know. Vikram says we need time to understand. Anjali says understand what? I can’t live without you. I was thinking what’s in your mind. Please take me from here. Vikram says Anjali.. He sees Saroj. Vikram says I don’t know either what’s going in your mind. Please stop calling me I don’t want to talk to you. He hangs up. Saroj says I feel so bad. Because of me you and Anjali are this way. Vikram says it’s not because of you.

She did wrong. Don’t think I was talking to her because of any pressure. If you don’t apologize I don’t have a place for her in my heart. Vikram says I have to go to office. You take care. He leaves.
Saroj says Anjali you have added bitterness in my house. I don’t know if she will ever become part of Vikram’s life anymore.
Anjali is crying She says will I never be part of Vikram’s life? She is crying. Piyush comes in. Piyush says when someone close to your heart is far I know how it feels. Anjali says so I have to put do not disturb board outside my house. Piyush says you and I have same situation. Vadhai and Vikram. Anjali says don’t compare vikram to that vahadi. And I have nothing to do with you go away from here. Simar says is that how you talk to your brother? Anjali says you are the one who left her family. You go away from here. I don’t need anything from you. Simar says you never let me come close to you.

Anjalu says I just want to be close to vikram. Simar says you don’t deserve to be with him. Anjali says you tell me about relation? You left him for years. Your relationship is so shallow. sImar says only a husband and wife know what their relationship is. Only we know what we are. You can’t know. You are too immature. Anajli says I don’t care. Go from here. I will handle my life myself. Simar says yes we are seeing how well you are managing. Anajli says go from here I don’t want to listen to anyone. Piyush says let’s go mom. We better leave her alone.

Roshni and Piyush are practicing for dance competition. Roshni says why can’t you focus. He says I can’t do this Vadadhi.. Roshni says I am not Vadahi. Piyush says I was just confused. Rsohni says you forgot your childhood friend for a girl you met four days ago? Piyush says I am trying to so hard but I can’t do this.
Anjali hears Roshni crying in her room. She comes in. Anjali says so someone else is here who has problems in life? Why are you crying? You have your choti ma. She will solve your problems? Roshni says why you hate her? Anjali says because no one knows her more than me. Roshni says she is very nice. Anjali says she got salary for pretending to be nice to you. You will know her reality when she won’t stand with you when you need her. I loved Kb she doesn’t pretend like this simar. Roshni says yes Kb is so nice. She really helped me. If she was here she would have solved my problems. Anjali says I am glad to know someone else likes Kb here as well. she gives Roshni chocolate. Anjali says whats the reason to cry? Roshni says I loved someone and he broke my heart. Anjalii says who is it? Roshni says Piyush. Anjali laughs she says sorry but are you serious about him? Roshni says yes but he doesn’t love me. He is after that Vadahi. Roshni says I will do anything to end this triangle. Anjali says you have to apart him from simar if you want Piyush. She will ruin your love and your life. And Simar brought that Vadahi here. Roshni says thank you so much. Anjali says friends? Roshni shakes her hand.

Simar says to Prem we should talk to Vikram. Prem says she doesn’t know what she was doing. She shoved you. Mataji says dont say that. Mataji says don’t be so worried. Prem says I don’t know when will she learn. simar says we should talk to vikram and his family. Prem says they wanted time. We should give them. Simar says its been days. They didn’t make any call. Mataji says yes you should talk. Prem says I think we should give them time. Simar says i hope it doesn’t get too late. its about Anjali’s life. We should call them tomorrow.

Precap-Simar does arti in Anjali’s room. She sees sleeping pills. Simar says Anjali open your eyes. Anjali doesn’t respond. simar calls everyone.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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