Sasural Simar Ka 2nd January 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 2nd January 2014 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 2nd January 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Roli and Simar call everyone but the phone is not ringing. Roli says Sid said that they will return by afternoon. Simar says maybe they stuck somewhere with no network. Don’t know what to do? Simar says is this all related to that fake call ? We shouldn’t waste much time. Lets go to police.

Scene 2
Simar and Roli go to police station and tells them that the gate of house was open that means they came home. We don’t have much time. He says I can’t help you that area is not under our police station. Simar says lets go Roli. Roli asks why you stopped me ? Simar says because we were just wasting our time. Roli asks Simar did Prem tell her the name of travel agency the booked bus from ? Simar tries to recall. She asks why she asked it ? Roli says we

can know from the agency that if the bus reached there or not. We shoul leave for Rampur. Simar says yes you right.

Scene 3
Roli, Simar along with inspector reach there. Simar asks if there was some bus registered from here by bhardwaj family ? He says no there is no such booking. Roli says how can you say that please check the records. He shows them the records but they can’t find their family’s booking in there. He says is it okay now ?
The man says that there is no such family that stayed here. Inspector says your family went to the temple. Lets go there and find out. Simara asks the pandit ji that her family participated in the pooja. She calls Mata ji saying that she has to donate money there. They check in the record of mandir. Inspector says there is nothing in these records. Roli says why are you lying pandit ji we came with our family here and then we both left. Mata ji talked about donating money. Pandit ji says everything is in front of you. Inspector says now even I think that you are faking these stories. Simar cries and says whole say has been passed and you are saying we are liars. He says there is no proof anywhere of your family. Go to your house I will inform you if i get any information about your family. They both leave mandir.

Scene 4
Next morning they enter the house hopelessly. They recall mata ji telling everyone that the bus is here they have to go. Everyone enjoying the meal all together. Simar tries to control Roli but is in tears herself. She says I can’t understand whats happening with us and why. Its the first time silence is hovering over this house. What has happened to our family. I don’t know where they are. Roli says this the planning of someone. Simar say but whom ? Suddenlt they hear Meghna saying me who else. She standing right behind them. Your whole family is in my hostage. Consider them my detainees. This house looks so silent no ? Wonder how will they be ? You must be thinking what is the real face of Meghna ? How could you even think that I will forgive the murderers of my brother. Jhanvi’s case was just a very easy punishment. Just think the brother who was life to me, how could I leave killers of him, . Simar says meghna what has the family done to him ? We accepted him with all our hearts. He is responsible for all this. She says I don’t care what he did. I just know that I lost my brother because of your family. Roli shouts where have you kept them ? Meghna says keep your voice low. i don’t like someone shouting at me.

Precap-Rajhinder calls our mata ji’s name. They all get up in dark room and wonder.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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