Sasural Simar Ka 2nd February 2018 Written Episode Update: Hema and Avni plan to get Piyush’s property

Sasural Simar Ka 2nd February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone seeing the music system under the table. Pari tells that Avni insulted the aarti and feigned to be singing aarti bhajan. She says Avni and Hema have been eyeing Piyush’s money. Piyush says she is my friend. Prem asks her not to make issue. Pari says may be we will become their servants later and holds Avni’s hand and asks her to leave. Mata ji tries to stop Pari and raise her hand on her. Pari says you have raised hand on me for strangers. Simar tells Pari that Avni brought Piyush to aarti as she asked her bring him and she fulfilled her promise. She says Avni is more closer than anybody else. Avni looks on.

Pari determines to expose them. Piyush is upset and tells Avni that she lied to him. Avni tells that it was a game and tells that Simar challenged

her to bring him there and that’s why she took him to do aarti. Piyush says you would have told me before, I will never let my friend lose. Avni says really. Piyush says yes. Avni looks at him. Piyush says when you can do so much for me, then why can’t I do something for you. Avni says sorry for lying to him and asks him not to be upset with her again.. Piyush asks her never to hide things from her. He says pinky promise.

Sameer takes out anger on Sanjana and says he asked for blue file and she gave him pink. Bhairavi comes and scolds Sameer for scolding Sanjana and says she is your wife and not your assistant. She asks him to do his own work. Sameer says even you have troubled me Maa and tells that you took 50000 from bank account without informing me. Sanjana takes her side and tells that Bhairavi took that money for charity. Sameer laughs and says you both take each other side and tries to unite them. Sanjana and Bhairavi apologize and hug each other. Sameer hugs them.

Hema tells Avni that she will become more important than Mata ji in the house soon. Avni asks her not to talk nonsense. Hema shows her piyush written on small crystal and says Piyush is heir of Bharadhwaj family. She says they can name everything on their name and then they will get rid of poverty. Avni says how we will do this and tells that they are nice people and supported us. She says we will not do this. Hema says ok then, we will go back to our house. She says our profession is cheating and says what we will do after coming back. She asks if she will again trap another man, get his money and dump him. Avni says this luxurious is more good than that life. Hema asks her to bring papers with Piyush’s sign and then she will tell what to do. Avni searches for the papers. Simar comes and asks what is she searching.

Pari tells on phone that their ancestral jewellery worth crores is in the locker. Hema comes there and types wrong code. Everyone come there and see her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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