Sasural Simar Ka 2nd February 2017 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 2nd February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Piyush and roshni are on their way. She plays music. Roshni says this was your favorite song in college. He turns it off. Roshni says its okay its very old now. He drives very fast. Roshni says I know you are mad at me. But thank you for coming. Roshni says you are driving so recklessly.

Anajli comes to Vikram. He says why did you call me here? Anjali says I know you are little upset with me but I want to give me something. She gives him a card. He says you made it? Anajli worte, punish me but don’t ever leave me. I just want you. He says this makes me so happy you doing things with pure intentions. Anjali says I am sorry I pissed you. Vikram says I hit you I shouldn’t have done that. I am sorry. So this was your idea? Saroj and simar are overhearing. Anjali

says mama’s. Simar says mama.. She says I had these ideas but she made me realize and opened my eyes. That I was really wrong and selfish. Vikram says you should listen to her more. what you did today really made me happy. Lets go. Anjali says I wanted to wish you properly. He says how? She says like a wife. he says how does a wife wish? Anjali holds his hand and comes near him. Anjali hugs him.

Saroj says this anajali can’t change. she is fooling vikram. there is something wrong. I have to take Vikram out of this. simar comes there. Simar says I know you still don’t believe anjali you think she is still pretending but she proved you wrong thrice and she will win the next level too.

Scene 2
Piyush and Roshni come home. Simar says you got so late. We were waiting for you people. Let me bring cake you two eat. Piyush says I don’t want to. simar says you sister made it herself. I think you should rest. Simar says thank you Piyush. You brought Roshni back. I was so worried what will I say to sumit. Piyush says I did that for you. I can’t say no to you./
Piyush goe4s to his room.
roshni recalls what he said. Roshni is crying. She says I lost my friend to get my love. But now even if he doesn’t accept me as a wife. I will get my friend back.
Piyush comes in.
piyush takes out his clothes. Roshni says where are you going? He says you always thought you have right on this room. See you have your room. Roshni says without you its meaningless. and if someone should go from here that should be me. She picks her luggage. Piyush closes the door on her face. Simar sees all this.

Scene 3
Vikram says to sanjev anjali is changing. Simar’s thoughts are inspiring her. Saroj says she can never change completely. Remember she sent me to jail. You want her to do this again? i won’t be able to see your heart broken again. Vikram says I understand your concerns but we can see the change in her. She has started listening to simar ma. I am sure she will change. He sees anajli on door. Anjali says Roshni is making halwa for everyone. Everyone will have breakfast together. So I thought I should give the breakfast to papa ji first. She says how are you papa ji? She makes him eat halwa. Vikram says I know you heard what we were talking and it might have hurt you. ANjali says its okay leave it. Vikram says I want to tell you I am actually very happy. And tai ji will take time but she will accpet you as well one day. Anjalu says thank you so much. He caresses her face.

Roshni is cooking. simar comes to help her. Roshni says what I did was so wrong and I am very sorry. I know you are mad at me. Simar says you are daughter in law of this house and no one can change that. We have all accepted the reality. Piyush and Prem will take time but thats not in our hands. I will do everything from my side.
Vikram and Anjali come downstairs together. Amar sings a song. Mataji says amar wow you have good voice. Roshni serves them all halwa. Piyush is leaving. Simar asks him to stop and taste. Mataji says please taste it. piyush says I don’t like halwa. Simar says you love it. He says I used to, not now. He leaves.

Precap-Saroj says if anajli shows her qualities simar will win. I won’t let that happen. Saroj says to simar I will decide the last condition for anjali to prove herself.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Where is sid and sanju. I want them back.

  2. If Piyush accepts roshni as his wife anyway, I’m going to stop watching this serial. I totally hate how writers are making roshni act like Mother Theresa, when before marriage she was a psycho ….just like that she changed? My goodness, it’s like she did a complete 360 degree turn.

  3. Why is this saroj being so mean?

    1. Saroj is not being mean, time and time again anjali did so many mean things and caused so much strife in that house. Do you expect Saroj to trust Anjali? I won’t if I was her, Saroj is correct to be wary of anjali. Just curious, how long have you been watching this serial? I hated anjali so much a while back, I wished no one would ever be blessed with a daughter like her. Anjali is fortunate to have a husband like vikram.

  4. how can this simar give so much hopes to this roshini abt her marriage. hopeless simar. towords vaidehi she shows must be fake love.
    please bring vaidehi back. roshini should find vaidehi and apologize her. simar dont give hopes to that small Roshini.

  5. Please bring vadehi back in the serial

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