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Sasural Simar Ka 2nd February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Fake roli is in front of vash, she is dazed. Amar says vashnavi ji are you listening to us? Vahs says you? simar says please say something. mata ji says i think someone is in her house. Fake roli says yes me. simar says she reached there. mata ji says what will we do now? Vash says who told you my house? fake roli says you got to know my secret and i couldn’t know your address. vash says what you want? fake roli says your death. simar says amar please do something, fake roli says whom else have you told about my secret? whom were you talking to? fake roli says tell me. Vash breaks her phone. Simar, prem and amar get worried. Fake roli says how will i know whom were you talking to? anyway you will tell me, vash says you will never have the answer. fake roli says then stop wasting

time is should kill you.

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Vash says i know my end is near, but before i die i wanna do pooja once. fake roli says yes yes i can give you that time. But let me tell you if you tell me the names, your death will be easy. vash says should i do the pooja? Fake roli says yeah go ahead. mata ji says amar do something, simar says i will come with you as well. Mata ji says there are cops outside. amar says i will handle them, simar meet me outside the house i will take you with me.

Jhanvi says when will this all get better? This is affected children as well. Pari says you are right, i don’t bring aarav out of the room much. Shruti comes and goes to the temple. She says i feel like i have seen this temple and idol. pari says stop the drama. first temple, then house and then you will recall sid and then you will say i am roli. jhanvi says the game you and your family is playing, you will never be successful. pari says we don’t have time to listen to your lies. shurti says God you know everything, we are not playing any games. Please do something.

Simar and roli comes downstairs, shurti hides behind and wonders where they are going at this time. outside prem is talking to policemen. shurti follows simar and mata ji. simar says mata ji how will we go from here? They hear a window breaking up. its calendar he throws windows at a window. He says what kinda people are you? you did this to your pal? Prem says what is your problem? calendar says you betrayed your friend. Amar asks simar to come. simar sneaks and goes to amar. Calendar says what did i say? i wasn’t wrong.

Mata ji comes to temple and prays for simar and amar. simar sits in the car and recalls what she saw in the room. Vash is still praying. Vahs does the pooja and arti. fake roli says are you done? what have you decided then? will you tell me or not? vash says my pooja is done, i dont care if you kill me. i am not going to tell you any name. amar says simar dont worry we are there. simar says i have seen that red door, i know what she is. amar says why dont you tell anyone. simar says please dont ask me, We have to go and save vash. Fake roli says get ready to go to your kali ma. simar says i will beg her to leave vash. we are nothing in front of her. if she gets to know that you know her reality she will kill you.

simar goes in the house, she says please give me strength God.

Precap-sid says to shurti tell us truth. shuti says you are trying to make me say anything with money? sid says dont shout. She recalls something and falls down.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Wow come on roli (avika) its now your time to send Sara out of bharatwaj house u r the only person can join hands with ur sis and win

  2. Ya dats true
    we want our old roli(avika) back

  3. oh sid how dare u.u cant even reconise ur roli atleast.that so a long time now show the fake one and make our roli ak avika to win.

  4. Ooooooh I don’t want Vash to die,I pray simar is able to save the situation and fake Roli doesn’t pour out her frustration on simar and the kids or else I bet it will be the end of her marriage with Prem.

  5. I love sasural simar ka it is really good. Hey who wants s*x

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